Global Refinery Saves Money with MRO and Safety Solutions


An oil and gas customer was planning for the replacement of their incumbent PPE and miscellaneous safety products MRO distributor to support 40 locations and two refineries. Without appropriate PPE and associated services, unplanned downtime and shutdowns could occur causing direct impacts on operations and profits. With health and safety as the most important topics at every end-user location and given the large number of locations, the customer needed a supply chain partner who could provide the required MRO inventory, safety expertise and solutions.


Drawing on the Wesco team’s unique skills and experience in building comprehensive and practical safety & MRO solutions and listening closely to the customer’s leadership and management team requirements, we developed a program and implementation plan that met the customer’s immediate and long-term needs. Wesco sourced, managed and delivered the necessary products and implemented new programs and services at the customer’s multiple locations and refineries.

  • Managing, sourcing and delivering over 1,000 safety, PPE and miscellaneous MRO products the customer needed at their numerous locations, from essentials like safety glasses and gloves to sanitation, and janitorial supplies and instrumentation
  • Implementing services for boot and eyeglass programs, acid hood washing and gas monitor calibration
  • Organizing and executing the full Wesco VMI offering at each location and within the two refineries


Global oil and gas refinery with multiple locations.

Replacing an outgoing MRO distributor who could specialize in safety solutions while also providing inventory for 40 locations and two refineries. 

Delivering on the customer’s needs for health and safety solutions, Wesco sourced, managed and delivered the needed products and implemented new programs and services at the customer’s multiple locations and refineries.


Delivering on the customer’s needs for health and safety solutions as well as providing the required MRO inventory, Wesco built and executed a multi-location solution.

  • Handled the inventory from sourcing to delivery, requiring less time and effort from the customer’s management team to manage MRO supplies
  • Provided the ability to better predict surges in demand and disruptions in the supply chain, ensuring inventory fluctuations were proactively addressed and remediated
  • Leveraged our unmatched national and regional supplier relationships for products and pricing to provide fewer delays and greater logistical flexibility
  • Continuing to work closely with this customer to ensure their long term safety goals are met through delivery of customized safety services, consulting, and training solutions

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