Global Energy Provider Deploys 28 Conference Rooms in 14 Days

A global organization needed to upgrade its conference room systems. They desired a solution that was easy to use and consistent across their organization. With 2,400 rooms to update, the deployments needed to be efficient, causing as little disruption as possible. Standardization on the platform and room equipment would also simplify ongoing support, training and maintenance.

Microsoft and Wesco teamed up to produce a Room-in-a-Box solution that would address the customer’s requirements and the needs of their conference environments. Through Wesco’s deployment services, each room arrived ready to install, and the first 28 rooms were completed in only 14 days. We surpassed our customer’s expectations. Together, Microsoft and Wesco are making video collaboration easy.


  • Numerous conference rooms to upgrade
  • Must result in minimal disruption
  • On-site waste reduction and waste recycling
  • The solution must be global, consistent and approved for use with Microsoft Teams®


  • Room kits developed and matched to customer environments
  • Rooms pre-provisioned according to forecast
  • Pre-imaged, configured and tested hardware to expedite installation
  • Kitted rooms to remove excess packaging


  • Deployed 28 conference rooms in 14 days on the first deployment, surpassing customer expectations
  • Second phase deployed 250 rooms over 90 days
  • Catalog of room types that can be ordered as needed, globally


  • Consistency of conference room types globally
  • Pre-configuration of devices for quicker installation
  • Speed of delivery
  • Installation time savings of up to 4 hours per room
  • Conference rooms off line for less time overall
  • Supportability and serviceability greatly improved

Save time and money with Wesco's Conference Room-in-a-Box

Our Room-in-a-Box will greatly improve consistency and speed of delivery, whether you’re updating your conference rooms nationally or worldwide.