Retailer Maximizes Savings with an Assembled Electrical Solution

Wesco Saves National Retail Customer Time, Money and Floorspace with a Customized Assembled Electrical Solution


A fast-growing retailer was looking to streamline the complex electrical power and controls room in each of their stores. The existing design consisted of individually wall mounted panelboards, lighting contactors, HVAC controls, a timeclock and a standalone uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. The retailer’s goal was to reduce the electrical room’s size and installation time while maintaining system consistency, integrity and quality.


Working with the client and their design engineer, Wesco incorporated an assembled electrical solution, along with solenoid-operated smart breakers for lighting control. Integration of the lighting and HVAC controls and UPS system eliminated the need for contactors and interposing relays for the lighting control scheme, dramatically reducing the footprint of the system. In addition, the labor hours required for installation were significantly reduced because the equipment arrived onsite factory assembled, pre-wired and tested

The HVAC controls were mounted in the assembly itself, and the time clock function was derived from the system controller, saving valuable wall space. The feeder panelboards were also integrated into the assembly. The main distribution panel (MDP) feeder breakers were factory wired from the breaker load side terminals to the panel main lugs and transformer lugs prior to shipment, further reducing the time and material required onsite for installation. The transformer was integrated into the unit as well as the UPS (providing clean power as well as system protection), further reducing the footprint.


The assembled electrical solution reduced the overall backroom footprint for the retail by more than 40% and reduced the overall installation time by 30%. The smart breaker/time clock combination allowed for smooth, energy efficient management of the lighting loads for the store, and pre-wiring of critical components (i.e., UPS) assured a smooth startup.



National in-line retailer with a growth rate of 20-30 stores per year

Reduce electrical room size and installation time


  • Reduced footprint of electrical components and controls by more than 40%
  • Reduced overall installation time by 30%

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