LED Retrofit Brightens University’s Energy Efficiency and Savings


A large university in Maryland had nine buildings in need of lighting upgrades and wanted to achieve a major reduction in energy consumption. As members of the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN), Wesco partnered with this university to design, specify, and install a solution to meet the university’s desired results.


A comprehensive level 3 energy audit including analysis of historical and current utility data was performed to assist in defining the scope of work needed for each building. A complete retrofit plan was designed to include interior and exterior fixtures, including sensors to minimize future energy expenditures and maximize energy savings. Before work began, Wesco’s rebate team provided all necessary information to complete a prescriptive lighting incentives application as required by PEPCO (the local electrical provider).

The plan included upgrading interior lighting to a combination of tubular LED (TLED) lamps operating on internal drivers, LED high bay fixtures for areas with high ceilings, and LED screw-in and plug-in lamps. The new lighting systems were commissioned to interface with existing building equipment and occupancy and daylight sensors were incorporated to maximize energy savings and available rebates. Daylight harvesting sensors were installed to minimize lighting energy usage in areas with exterior windows and zoned to minimize the visual effect of the subsequent daylight related dimming. All work was carefully planned to limit disruption to the occupants in the buildings.


After the lighting upgrade, the university had a significant reduction in energy usage and emissions, resulting in lower energy costs and a minimized carbon footprint. Overall, the upgrade will result in a 10-year cumulative savings of over $1.6 million.


Large university

Needed to upgrade lighting across several campus buildings and reduce energy consumption

A combination of tubular LED (TLED) lamps operating on internal drivers, LED high bay fixtures, and LED screw-in and plug-in lamps


  • Demand reduction: 460 kW
  • 2,387,570 kWh reduction
  • Energy reduction equivalent to:
    • ­Planting 54,895 trees
    • ­Removing 393 cars from the roads
    • ­Reducing 4,719,664 lbs. of CO2 emissions
  • Annual cost savings: $169,517
  • Estimated rebate: $97,301
  • 10-year cumulative savings: $1,695,174

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