Oil and Gas Supermajor Improves Safety and Productivity


An oil and gas supermajor was experiencing cable failures on their offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. They required assistance to review and adjust the specifications causing unsafe conditions and unplanned downtime. Given their operations were located hundreds of miles from land, the issues impacting drilling operations, operator safety, revenue and profitability were intensified, necessitating a unique set of products and services.


Working with the customer’s engineering team to fully comprehend the specifications and applications their cables were being used for, Wesco engaged our extensive supplier partner network, and our experienced team of experts created a good-better-best set of solutions.

Over the next 12 weeks, Wesco arranged several meetings and technical presentations, as well as a sourcing event specifically for this customer. Wesco then presented an offering that met every specification while meeting price and delivery constraints.

After commercial review and technical acceptance, the customer updated their AML to the recommended list, which Wesco now stocks and ships on a regular basis for the customer’s OpEx and CapEx maintenance and projects. The solution developed saved time and money by providing options for each application and specification required by the customer.


  • The customer’s primary challenge was met with a reduction of cable failures that increased safety and productivity for the customer’s workforce and other valuable assets.
  • Utilizing our unmatched network of supplier partners and guided by expertise from similar projects, Wesco saved this customer both the time and expense required to do their own extensive research and hold multiple meetings with a variety of unfamiliar vendors to find a solution.
  • Wesco now stocks and ships the customer’s required materials, improving their OpEx and CapEx execution.


Oil and gas supermajor with an offshore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cable failures were causing unsafe conditions and unplanned downtime. The offshore location added to the challenge, requiring a unique set of products and solutions.

Wesco’s unmatched supplier partner network enabled us to deliver a solution that included a good-better-best set of options, resulting in reduced cable failures and increased safety and productivity.