Modern Office Buildings


Overcoming the 100-Meter Distance Limitation

Wesco Delivers Future-Ready Cabling Infrastructure for a Financial Services Company’s New Office Building

A financial services company was building a 26-story office building with an open floor plan. Each floor averages approximately 30,000 square feet, making it difficult to design and implement the network cabling infrastructure. Intermediate distribution frame (IDF) closets could not be placed throughout the space, so many cable runs had to exceed 100 meters. However, cabling standards have long specified a 100-meter distance limitation to ensure adequate data speed and bandwidth. The financial services company needed a cabling solution that would deliver superior performance over extended distances.

Utility Grade Infrastructure Supports Extended Transmission Distances

Wesco presented its Utility Grade Infrastructure (UTG) solution to the engineering firm tasked with designing the building, and the firm quickly determined UTG was the ideal option. UTG is a framework that defines the performance characteristics of a future-ready cabling infrastructure. It also features a rating system that simplifies specification and design and provides assurance of verified performance. Additionally, UL developed industry-first test parameters around installation readiness as part of the UTG framework. Capable of delivering 10Mbps data speeds at distances up to 185 meters, UTG20 provided a future-ready solution for the financial service company’s office building.

The UTG Difference
  • Future-ready infrastructure solution 
  • Fully compliant category cabling that meets all Cat 6 and 6A requirements (ANSI and TIA)
  • The most comprehensively tested cable in the industry 
  • Performance beyond standards providing guaranteed results

Trusted by Top Engineering Firms

The financial services company engaged a well-known engineering firm to design and specify the building’s mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The engineering firm heard about UTG and reached out to Wesco to learn more. After presenting educational sessions to explain the features and benefits of the UTG program, the engineering firm determined that UTG20 would be ideal for the specifications of the cabling infrastructure throughout the building. UTG20 provided the performance and flexibility to meet the financial services company’s requirements.


Financial services company


  • Create a future-ready cabling infrastructure
  • Ensure the highest levels of performance and bandwidth
  • Implement network cabling for open-floor-plan office building with few IDF closets
  • Support cable runs that exceed 100 meters


  • UTG-rated cabling and components
  • UTG-certified installation


  • Eliminated the need to deviate from architectural and engineering plans
  • Saved the cost of adding IDF closets to the building design
  • Provided a consistent cabling infrastructure for a common platform and streamlined management

Industry-Leading Reach and Performance

Seamless connectivity and data transmission are critical requirements in modern office buildings. The cabling infrastructure must have the performance and scalability to support growing numbers of users and devices. However, traditional cabling solutions cannot guarantee data transmission speeds and bandwidth over distances exceeding 100 meters. UTG-rated cabling and components enabled the financial services firm to use longer cable runs to support security cameras and Wi-Fi access points. While the customer could have deployed a mix of cabling solutions, it opted to install UTG20 as a common platform throughout the environment for consistency, manageability and long-term flexibility. Comprehensive field testing by Wesco’s UTG-certified installer proved that the solution delivered the promised performance.


Wesco’s Utility Grade Infrastructure Assurance Program

The award-winning UTG assurance program delivers future-ready cabling that exceeds current standards with guaranteed results.