PLTE Network Provides Secure and Efficient Connectivity


A large provider of advanced communications and technology solutions to multi-location businesses and government agencies throughout the US and Canada reached out to Wesco for their expertise in facilitating and implementing private Long-Term Evolution (PLTE) networks.

This advanced communications customer was working with a global building materials end user headquartered in Mexico to design and implement a PLTE network for their large aggregate quarry located in Texas. The end user provides critical building materials including cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and other products for projects across the state of Texas including housing, roads, bridges, commercial buildings, and other infrastructure facilities.

The goal was to build a PLTE network that would allow the end user to significantly improve operational efficiency and make better use of automated mining and dispatching solutions.


The customer needed a supply chain solutions partner who could facilitate the delivery of the outdoor PLTE solution for the end user. Because of Wesco’s reputation in the industry and our relationships with many state-of-the art technology suppliers, we were asked to define a statement of work (SOW) for the PLTE network and to facilitate the project.

The SOW provided an overview of the project governance, project organization and detailed the remote support for the hardware installation, software installation, components, configuration, integration, acceptance, and handover of the project to the end user. Wesco worked in conjunction with the customer to ensure that the end user’s connectivity needs for fronthaul would be met. This meant that Wesco became the liaison between the equipment manufacturer, the customer, and the end user to help ensure that the solution being deployed would support a CBRS GAA LTE network.


Having a high-speed PLTE network that’s scalable and reliable better positions the end user for the future. It provides a secure platform on which to grow and add functionality, as well as more capability to run additional automated applications. Most importantly, the dedicated PLTE network enables the end user to be more efficient and cost-effective while serving their customers.


Large communications provider


Needed to improve operational efficiencies and make better use of automated mining and dispatching solutions.


Wesco facilitated the delivery of an outdoor PLTE network.


  • Centralized network management and monitoring
  • Internal security and control
  • More capability to run or add other automated applications and devices (IoT)
  • Multiple applications and services now supported simultaneously
  • High bandwidth applications now supported
  • Improved safety and efficiency for workers
  • Broader coverage areas


Coworkers using office wi-fi solution.

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