Project Spotlight: Industrial

Customer: Recycling Facility, North Carolina


A natural resource recycling facility located in North Carolina partnered with Wesco to upgrade their facility lighting. The focus was to address dark manufacturing areas by increasing lighting to improve safety, quality control, and the overall working conditions for employees. The project included 130,000 sq. ft. of production space and 8,400 sq. ft. of office area.

With defined Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, it was imperative that lighting improvements were energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Equally as important, was an easy maintenance lighting system to sustain the increased safety and productivity that was achieved. 


The project replaced the plant’s 349 outdated fixtures with 366 LED fixtures that had four times the lifespan. This dramatically reduced lighting maintenance while improving the overall visibility.

  • Replaced T8 and 400W HID high bays with 150 Everlast HL15D IP 65 LED high bay fixtures to prevent any dust ingress into the fixture
  • Replaced exterior halogen flood lights with 19 Acuity HLFd1 LED flood lights
  • Replaced fluorescent T8 fixtures in offices, restrooms and quality control lab with 126 Acuity DLTR 2x 4 LED Troffer Retrofit Kits
  • Replaced fluorescent T8 fixtures in production area, shop and walkways with 18 Acuity CLX Vapor Tight LED Strips
  • Installed 53 Acuity TWR1 LED Wall Packs every 30 feet in the loading bays, walkways and adjacent to all doors



  • Dramatically reduced maintenance costs
  • Significantly increased light levels in interior and exterior spaces
  • Notably increased production time, as well as safety
  • Helped to meet environmental goals while lowering energy costs


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