Solar Solution Lowers Energy Costs

Customer: Tennessee Army National Guard, Nashville, TN


The Tennessee Army National Guard works with Wesco Energy Solutions to leverage the latest in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies to become a greener organization. The Tennessee Army National Guard is committed to energy conservation, saving tax dollars, and fully supporting Tennessee’s Customer Focused Government initiative. This initiative is to make every effort in reducing energy usage and preserving resources. In September 2019, a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic system was installed at the Joint Force Headquarters in Nashville to augment the organization’s electrical needs at that location. 

The use of solar power is better for the environment and provides long-term savings to taxpayers. By leveraging funding from the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant provided by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the construction of the solar-powered system was inexpensive to taxpayers. These grants provide financial  assistance to municipal/county governments, utility districts, and other entities to purchase, install, and construct energy projects. The generated energy from the solar installation is fed back into the building for the National Guard’s use instead of being fed back into the grid.

This project installed solar panels on the parking decks at the Hugh Mott Building, allowing them to harvest the power of the sun to lower electrical demand, while creating covered parking spots. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency is located at this facility, so a custom design was created with breaks in the canopy at the entrance and exit to allow for the EMA vehicles to move freely. 


  • Reduced electrical demand by approximately 110 kWh
  • Installed approximately 300 panels on the parking decks
  • Implemented a custom design specific to the needs of EMA vehicles

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