Delivering Supply Chain Excellence For Large Multi-site Project


A large electrical contractor building hyperscale data centers in cities throughout the United States was struggling to find distributors that were local to job sites to support material management on large projects. The customer wanted materials stocked locally and delivered just in time, due to their limited storage capabilities. They also wanted a solution provider to assist with cable management, cutting, pulling eyes installation and other ways optimize labor cost and service levels.


Wesco offered a single point of contact along with a wide variety of services; local stock cutting of cables saving considerable time, effort and cost. Wesco offered the customer services that solved the need to stock, cut, handle, re-spool and set up jack stands on site, saving the customer time, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and mitigating risks. Wesco’s local team provided support through coordination and training with the operations teams. Wesco also prevented loss of materials by storing all materials securely in its local warehouse, which not only prevented theft, but also protected material from the elements.

To cut labor costs and improve safety, Wesco delivered temporary power cable on PARASPIN reels for easy payout. For the medium-voltage cable, multiple conductors were paralleled on a reel, then the reel was mounted on a cable caddie and delivered ready to install, with pulling eyes attached.


Wesco provided the customer with great product breadth, innovative delivery methods and extensive cable handling capabilities, cutting their costs in labor, sourcing and inventory, management. Through the successful execution of this project, Wesco demonstrated its ability to handle large-scale projects and has since helped the customer with multiple other projects.


A large electrical contractor building hyper-scale data centers in cities throughout the United States


  • Limited storage capabilities and material loss
  • On-site pulling eyes installation and cable-cutting inefficiencies slowed installation


  • Materials stored in various Wesco warehouses
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Paralleling, installation of pulling eyes and cut-to-length services
  • Delivery on cable caddies and PARASPIN service mark

Optimized labor and complete project faster

Wire and Cable

As part of a comprehensive wire and cable management solution, Wesco solves complex material management problems and lowers operating costs with advanced logistics and reel optimization. Our innovative inventory and waste reduction programs enable you to address supply chain, product management and technical challenges before they reach the job site.