Sustainable Lighting Installation Benefits Auto Manufacturer


Since opening its first U.S. plant in 1979, this automotive manufacturer has been bringing innovative technologies that enhance American mobility. As a leader in sustainability, the company is also focused on environmental responsibility. They recognized an opportunity to take environmental innovation past the production line by exploring a new lighting strategy for their U.S. headquarters in Torrance, California. The multi-building campus houses research and development, parts distribution, administration, and business development personnel.

The buildings on the company’s 1 million sq. ft. campus were equipped with standard T12 and first generation T8 fluorescent lamp and ballast systems, as well various incandescent and metal halide fixtures. Management knew that a campus lighting retrofit would yield energy savings, but also wanted to ensure that the most innovative, technologically advanced solutions were considered to match their own state-of-the-art company DNA.

The carmaker enlisted our team to conduct a thorough energy audit, provide a comprehensive lighting recommendation and execute the new system installation. With the widespread capabilities and extensive experience of Wesco on their side, the customer set out to reduce overall energy consumption and costs through the installation of sustainable lighting technologies.


Wesco lighting experts first assessed the existing lighting systems installed years before on campus. Our team discovered that in some areas a simple retrofit and relamping strategy would promote energy efficiency, save money, and improve the quality of lighting. However, we acknowledged the company’s desire to incorporate innovative new technology, like LED systems, into their new lighting strategy. Beginning in the lobby of the administration building, our team worked to design a lighting approach that integrated the most efficient and cost-effective lighting systems with exceptional product life.

Beyond the lobby installation, Wesco executed a comprehensive lighting retrofit for multiple buildings across the large campus. Our team implemented extensive use of light management control systems to optimize the efficiency of the lighting system. For example, we installed an advanced occupancy sensor system to illuminate areas only when they were in use. While the sensors operate constantly, they are self-contained and require no additional power to operate.


A key component to this retrofit’s viability was utility incentives. Wesco’s rebate team maximized the utility contribution to this project by seeking innovative programs that paid greater rebates than typically available. This effort helped the manufacturer recoup over 20% of the total project cost, resulting in a project ROI payback of less than 24 months. Other benefits include a reduction in annual maintenance costs, an annual CO2 emissions reduction of 749,508 pounds, and a five-year energy cost savings of more than $800,000.

Our intentions for this project were to go beyond energy savings. We wanted innovation and reliability, matched with technology and design. Wesco was able to meet our goals.
National Facilities Manager


Automotive manufacturer

The customer wanted to upgrade the lighting in their U.S. headquarters to reduce overall energy consumption and costs.

Wesco designed a multi-building lighting plan that included new LED systems, a comprehensive lighting retrofit, and an advanced occupancy sensor system.


  • Project provided a full payback in under two years
  • Annual maintenance costs were also reduced
  • Annual energy cost savings: $166,538.88
  • Annual kWh savings: 1,387,824 kWh
  • Equivalent emissions averted per year: 749,508 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2)


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