Sutter Health, CPMC

Upgrade to a lighting system throughout multiple sites

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), a hospital located in the heart of San Francisco, identified the need for upgraded lighting systems throughout multiple sites within their main campus. CPMC wanted to reduce extraneous expenses by minimizing energy consumption, operating, and maintenance costs while raising the level of aesthetic appeal. As the state of California has strict regulations to ensure environmentally conscious measures are taken, the importance of recycling was also very high to CPMC when considering their lighting upgrade.

WESCO Energy Solutions worked with CPMC to retrofit their main campus’s original lighting systems, which consisted of older T12 Magnetic Systems and 1st generation T8 lamp systems.

  • Upgraded lighting system throughout multiple sites within their main campus
  • Reduced operating & maintenance costs
  • Minimized energy consumption


Annual Energy Savings:

Overall Rebate Savings:

ROI & Simple Payback:
57% and 1.75 years