Developer Standardizes Physical Security Across All Properties


A leading nonprofit real estate developer who manages thousands of properties in multiple U.S. regions was grappling with disparate security systems throughout its enterprise. The developer was renovating several properties across the country, but had no framework in place for security design. Each property had its own physical security system with an array of technology platforms. Frustrating the situation further was the lack of manufacturer support on existing installations. The real estate developer realized they needed a physical security standard that would include CCTV, access control and tenant intercoms.


The Wecso Technology & Support Services (TSS) team immersed themselves in the customer’s challenges, working with senior stakeholders and project managers to define security levels and determine impactful solutions that best fit the needs of each property. We delivered an inventive solution that included cameras on the building’s exterior, interior cameras in public spaces, such as stairwells and elevators, access control on all perimeter doors with interior shared spaces, and wireless locksets on tenant doors that also had an audio/video intercom for each tenant.

TSS provided an end-to-end bill of materials list and wrote the RFP that was distributed to integrators chosen by Wesco for bidding. The document also contained a supply chain services component the integrators needed to follow to ensure the solutions were deployed across diverse properties.


The customer now has a reliable process that provides continuity and consistency for each property and an adaptable solution that serves their distinct needs. Working with the TSS team not only simplified the process, but saved the real estate developer design time. Now, each project manager chooses the security level that best meets their property’s specific needs, ranging from exterior cameras to an entire security system complete with access control and tenant intercoms.


A nonprofit real estate developer

The customer’s properties across the U.S. had multiple, disparate physical security systems that were difficult to manage


  • TSS engineers worked with the developer to develop physical security standards and specifications
  • Defined security levels that each project manager would choose that best fit their specific property needs


  • Reduced design time
  • Achieved process and solution consistency across all properties