At Wesco, we are on a mission to build, connect, power and protect the world. To achieve this mission and have the largest impact, we must embrace the vast diversity of our team, our suppliers and our customers by creating inclusive products and environments. So, we are doing what it takes to infuse inclusion and diversity into every aspect of our business and won’t stop until the impact is felt across the globe.


As a global workforce, we understand the great need for and value in embracing diversity and difference amongst our teams. We strive to create a workforce that represents the diverse communities and businesses we serve. To increase the diversity that exists within Wesco at all levels of the organization, we are focused on both recruitment and development of our diverse talent. ​

Diverse warehouse workers collaborating.

Embracing diversity in fun work environment.


At Wesco, we know that to truly embrace diversity, we must focus on creating an inclusive workplace. Ultimately, we are on a mission to create work environments across the globe that are inclusive, accommodating and safe to be one’s true and authentic selves. We believe that we can accomplish this goal by supporting our Business Resource Groups, enhancing our education initiatives, holding our team members accountable for embracing and championing inclusion and diversity, and evaluating our internal policies to ensure equity. ​


A commitment to inclusion and diversity goes beyond our employees and business. Wesco is committed to partnerships with diverse suppliers and customers, community-based organizations and businesses that are dedicated to inclusive practices and products. You can learn more about our supplier diversity initiative and our community focus.

Diverse business owners.

“We know that making the most of the wealth of ideas, talents, skills, backgrounds and perspectives all around us helps us to do more and be more – together. As such, we consciously work to create an environment that respects and values the diversity of the people and world around us.”

- John Engel, Wesco CEO

Powering Your Voice

Wesco’s Business Resource Groups

ABLE serves to promote an inclusive environment for employees with disabilities, whether they are apparent or not.


MOSAIC is committed to building a diverse workforce that fosters inclusion and celebrates all the different cultural and ethnic background across our global organization. MOSAIC aims to support traditionally underrepresented employees to ensure they are included, valued and encouraged to have an impact.


PRIDE serves as a visible, accessible resource for our LGBTQ+ employees, allies and the wider community. PRIDE aims to provide a safe, supportive and accountable work environment for all, while driving positive change within and outside of our organization.​


A global resource for those in their early careers, allies, and wider stakeholders. SPARK empowers the expansion of professional horizons; promotes a consistent, inclusive, and sustainable career pathway in our industry; and encourages active ambassadorship for Wesco in our worldwide communities as a destination employer.


Veteran’s Opportunity Liaison Team (VOLT) recognizes and champions the unique experiences of veterans and how they can be leveraged across our organization. VOLT aims to promote a culture of inclusion and diversity through continual learning, employee development and engagement of veterans and our supporters.​

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Women’s Impact Network (WIN) is dedicated to building a global community that supports women to achieve their full potential. WIN aims to involve, inspire and develop women through personal empowerment, professional development and by providing a platform for their voices to be heard.​

Building a Connected Workplace Together at Wesco