Life-changing events can happen to any of us, often when we least expect them. Employees in need can turn to the Wesco Cares. Its mission is to be an extra source of support during a natural disaster or other devastating occurrence.

The organization was founded in late 2005. That fall, Hurricane Katrina had a crippling effect on many of our employees and locations. The foundation gave them a chance to apply for assistance that could help them get back on their feet. Employees who may be experiencing other emergencies can also apply for financial aid through Wesco Cares.

While the foundation primarily supports Wesco employees and their communities, that’s not the extent of its outreach. It also backs numerous charitable organizations across North America that are supported by our employees. These include the American Cancer Society, American Kidney Fund, American Diabetes Association and the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.

The foundation also donates to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

Male manufacturing worker in factory


Giving back to our communities is an essential part of who we are. Every year, we are humbled by our employees’ generosity. Their charitable works range from mentoring and education to hosting toy drives and donating food and personal care items to those in need.

Hurricane Laura

To support Hurricane Laura recovery efforts in 2020, Wesco employees came together to provide ongoing support following one of the strongest storms to hit Louisiana in 150 years, which caused over half a million buildings to lose power. The combined efforts of Wesco enabled us to help replace the distribution and transmission equipment that was either damaged or destroyed, including over 10,000 poles, 2,700 transformers and approximately 1,600 transmission structures. Wesco provided product and transmission laydown yard services and coordination to help rebuild the networks.