Environmental, Social,
and Governance

Committed to Continuous Improvement

With over 100 years of operational excellence, Wesco’s mission to build, connect, power, and protect is the foundation for why Wesco is recognized as the premier distributor and supply chain services company. We continuously evolve to address the needs and challenges of our customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Our approach to sustainability is two-fold: we reduce the environmental impacts of our own operations, and assist our customers and suppliers with achieving their sustainability goals through the products and services we provide. To learn more about Wesco’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) accomplishments, read our latest interactive report.

Environmental Responsibility​

Wesco provides responsible solutions that support our customers’ growth and operational excellence. We do our part to protect the planet through our own corporate sustainability initiatives and by delivering world-class sustainability solutions for our customers.​

Learn about how Wesco delivers greener solutions for a better tomorrow.

Social Responsibility​

Wesco creates a culture that starts with engagement. We value the unique contributions and experiences of our team members and that allows us to attract and retain world-class talent and expertise. We believe that diversity drives more powerful solutions that improve our customers’ business outcomes.

Read about how we value inclusion and diversity.

Corporate Governance​

Wesco believes that building an ethical corporate governance structure is paramount to successful relationships with our customers and partners. We continue to enhance processes, controls and governance to drive excellence and consistency.​

Read about how we are committed to safety and ethics.

2024 Sustainability Report

Our mission is to build, connect, power, and protect our world, and our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are at the heart of that important work.

“Wesco highly values inclusion and diversity and has an aggressive set of programs to leverage the best value for customers. When you look at the composition of our board, our senior management team, and across the organization, it’s the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and capabilities that’s central to our culture and our customer value proposition.”

- John Engel, Wesco Chairman, President, and CEO

2024 USA Today and Statista's America's Climate Leaders Awards logo

America's Climate Leaders 2024

Wesco is honored to be included on  the 2024 USA Today and Statista's America's Climate Leaders Awards list