Global Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability Statement

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Wesco is committed to global leadership and excellence in Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) in all phases of operations and administration as a core value in our daily business. To fulfill this commitment, we develop, implement, and work to continually improve our global EHSS management systems. We are committed to meeting all EHSS rules and regulations that pertain to our industry.

Within the framework of our Environmental Management System we commit to:

  • Identify materials, processes, products and waste that cause or may cause pollution, and implement measures to avoid, reduce or control pollution where technically and economically viable.
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as other codes of practice and environmental requirements to which the company subscribes. To achieve and maintain compliance, we will develop and maintain management systems for identifying relevant requirements and for monitoring performance of related activities to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Enhance and improve the Environmental Management System that is appropriate and effective for helping us to achieve our environmental goals.
  • Use natural resources whenever practicable and reduce environmental, health and safety hazards.
  • Build working relationships with third parties that share our commitment to the Environment.
  • Work closely with our suppliers and customers on their accountability to the environment, to lessen their environmental impacts.


Sustainable Objective Emphasis
Key Performance Indicators are set on various element within the Wesco organization to meet goals and objectives.

They include:

  • Development of environmental reduction goals which impacts our approach to sustainability.
  • Reduction in waste management, carbon footprint, and non-renewable energy usage at Wesco sites.
  • Enhance green products and applications for more sustainability in the company’s spend toward the environment, and sustainability improvement within the organization.
  • Emphasis on Value creation for sustainability.
  • Enhance our customers’ ability to purchase more sustainable products for their business.


Within the framework of our Health & Safety System we commit to:

  • Work to prevent injury and ill health and to have continual improvement in Health & Safety management and performance.
  • Comply with applicable legal regulations and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes that relates to Health & Safety.
  • Provide a framework for setting and reviewing the Health & Safety objectives.
  • Document, implement, maintain and communicate individual Health & Safety obligations for our employees.
  • Provide Wesco’s Health & Safety obligations to interested parties, and to review periodically the Health & Safety System so that it remains relevant and appropriate for Wesco employees.


Health & Safety Objective Emphasis

We set key performance indicators on various elements within the Wesco organization to meet goals and objectives.

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Maintain a Total Recordable Injury Rate below industry average and achieving year-over-year reductions.
  • Identify risk assessments to eliminate, reduce or control hazards and unsafe conditions.
  • Report and investigate accidents, incidents or near misses promptly to prevent recurrence.
  • Hold regular review meetings at our facilities so that this policy remains effective and current for the business.


This policy will be managed by our Senior Director of Environmental, Health and Safety and will be posted at all Wesco facilities. We intend to report our progress regarding this policy as part of our sustainability reporting as well as through our various partners including the Carbon Disclosure Project and the UN Global Compact.

John Engel
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

EHSS Policy v1 2021