Custom Builds, Repair, and Testing

Wesco builds and tests custom grounds and jumpers to the exact specifications of customers and can ship an assembly the same day the order is placed.

We offer repairs and testing programs to meet individual customer requirements or any future ASTM standards. Our assembly, quality, and quick delivery comes from years of experience. Wesco’s fully stocked warehouse contains all the components and tools required to build custom grounds and jumpers.

Wesco’s highly skilled and trained staff has been supplying custom grounds and jumpers to the utility industry for more than forty years, having delivered more than a half million sets. When was the last time you had your grounds or jumpers tested?

Finn Power Crimp Machine for Rubber Goods

Safer, Consistent Crimps

All new, repaired, and re-certified sets are assembled utilizing the Finn Power Crimping Machine, producing a computerized, consistent crimp meeting OEM standards every time. These crimps meet or exceed pull-out standards, providing an additional level of safety for the end user.

Repair, Don't Replace

No need to spend money on new grounds and jumpers when Wesco’s professional certification, testing, and repair services can extend the usage of your current grounds.

Wesco’s full-service assembly department is highly skilled in the inspection, repair and recertification of grounds and jumpers. Our comprehensive testing and refurbishing process meets ASTM standards and brings old grounds and jumpers back to nearly new, complete with testing and recertification for best practice compliance.

Grounding and Jumper Cable

Protective grounding devices might look indestructible, but they aren't. Like many live line tools, grounding equipment can become compromised through regular use, age, exposure to sharp objects, dirt, oils, petroleum-based products, environmental fluctuations, improper storage, abuse, and electrical arcing to name a few.

For these reasons, daily visual inspections are required before every use to keep users safe and to check if damage is suspected. To keep existing ground sets performing safely, annual testing is highly recommended. Testing is required if damage is suspected.

Custom Grounds and Jumpers

  • Jumpers
  • Shrouded Ferrules
  • Clamps
  • Ground Sets

Made to Your Specifications

Choose complete assemblies or individual components.

  • Clamping Size Range, Current Capacity, Application Clearance, and Terminal Connection Type (threaded or pressure type).

  • Length, Jacket Type, and Adequate Capacity to Withstand Maximum Potential System Fault Current Magnitude and Full-Time Duration.

  • Aluminum or Copper, Fit Cable Size, and Connection Type to Match Clamp (threaded or pressure type) Note: Either aluminum or copper ferrules may be used with copper cable.

  • This option is recommended on only one clamp to help control lifting the set to the first clamp attachment point.

  • This option is recommended for stress relief and inspection of cable strands between the ferrule and jacket.

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Grounding Accessories

Grounds and Jumpers should be properly stored, inspected, protected, and cleaned maintain protective properties, reduce damage, and reduce repair/replacement costs.

Wesco carries a huge, in-stock selection of everything you need to protect and maintain your live line equipment. Contact us to learn about all the custom ground items we offer.

Lineman working on high voltage power line.

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