Wesco provides managed safety services for dielectric rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hoses, hoods, and boots performed in accordance with ASTM / OSHA standards, with additional accreditation by NAIL for PET.  

Wesco Rubber Goods Testing

Wesco has a Longstanding History of Quality

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ASTM committee member

Active participant on ASTM Committee F18, Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers.

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Climate-controlled dielectric lab testing facility

Provides the optimum testing and storage environment for rubber inventory.

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Communication takes place throughout the testing process to help reduce high failure rates and elevated replacement costs.

Detailed reporting
Detailed reporting process

Printed reports accompany every order and digital records are kept on file.


Ask about safety presentations provided by one of our experienced personnel.

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Extensive knowledge

Wesco tests over 200,000 rubber products each year.

Skilled field labor
Safety is our #1 concern

Wesco performs tests in accordance with ASTM / OSHA standards with additional accreditation by NAIL for PET.

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Variety of testing and inventory options

Wesco is uniquely capable of providing custom exchange or inventory programs to significantly reduce turnaround time.

Multiple test lab locations: Gilberts, IL, and Webster, MA

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Quick turnaround time

Expedited options available to meet rush and emergency needs.


Cleaning rubber goods for utility lineman.

Best Clean You’ve Ever Seen

Retesting starts with Wesco’s detailed wash process. A detailed clean allows for better accuracy during visual inspections (both during testing and in the field), while reducing cross-contamination of products and removing harsh dirt, oils, and contaminants to prolong the life of the goods.

Testing to ASTM Standards
Detailed visual inspection and electrical tests are performed in our on-site testing facilities.

Detailed Reporting Process
Printed test reports accompany every order and digital records are kept on file.

Customized Solutions to Meet Vastly Varying Needs

Wesco offers multiple solutions for maintaining compliance on rubber insulating goods. Our team is ready to review your unique needs to assess which program will provide the highest inventory utilization to maximize cost savings.

Programs Available:

  • Proof / acceptance testing of new goods
  • In / out testing
  • Customized inventory exchange programs
  • Work uniquely in alliance programs

Are Your Rubber Goods in Compliance?

Regular inspection and testing intervals are designed to keep users safe. Rubber can become compromised through regular use, age, exposure to sharp objects, dirt, oils, petroleum-based products, environmental fluctuations, and improper storage. For these reasons, regular visual and electrical inspections are mandated by ASTM and OSHA.

Best Practices
30 Days 60 Days 6 Months 1 Year If Damage Suspected
Gloves Optional  Optional  Required Required Required
Sleeves   Optional  Optional  Required Required
Blankets   Optional  Optional  Required Required
Line Hose     Optional  Optional  Required
Hoods     Optional  Optional  Required

*OSHA regulations require electrical testing of rubber insulating equipment prior to the first use and periodically thereafter. Initial tests are referred to as a proof-test or acceptance test. These testing standards reference federal OSHA regulations and ASTM standards. Please note: State OSHA regulations and/or company regulations may have even more stringent testing intervals.

Post-Testing Process

Certification and Stamping
  • Items are stamped certified with the name of the company certifying the goods, testing voltage, and date stamp (Wesco can provide “Date of Test” or “Expiration Date” based on customer parameters)
  • Rejected items are clearly stamped as “Visual Test Failure” or “Electric Test Failure.”
  • All electrical test failures are rendered useless prior to being shipped back to the customer if a return is requested

  • Items that have passed testing are packaged in sealed poly bags
  • Plastic containers are recommended for shipping and storing purposes
  • Failures can be used for training purposes, further review, monitoring, and tracking
Inspection of rubber glove.

Wesco inventory for rubber goods.

Rubber Exchange Program

Let Wesco do the work for you.  Our managed safety service ensures that your rubber goods are routinely cleaned, tested, custom date-stamped, and ready to ship from our climate-controlled warehouse when you need them. This program allows you to maximize the usage of your rubber products, saves you time, as well as minimizing the inventory in your warehouse.

  • Arrive on-site and OSHA/ASTM compliant for scheduled exchange dates.

  • New and customer-owned inventory is housed in recommended conditions for rubber.

  • Exchange programs are tailored to each organization’s unique needs accommodating varying volumes, cycles, or logistics.

  • Certified dielectric equipment can arrive on-site in as little as 24 hours — anywhere in the U.S.

  • Expert customer service provides support, communication, and order updates every step of the way.

  • Incomplete sets are stored for use as replacements, reducing new purchases, eliminating waste, and minimizing turnaround time.

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Companies Should Protect Their Rubber Goods with Daily Visual Inspections

Your first line of defense in preventing an accident.

Daily visual inspections are required by ASTM F1236-96, which outlines 24 types of irregularities to look for during inspections. Making regular visual inspections is crucial for safety. The use of damaged goods puts the user in harm’s way. Some damage is not easily visible, requiring inflation or rolling to expose damage such as dry rot, pin-sized holes, nicks, cuts, etc.

Warehouse worker scanning boxes.

New Rubber Goods

As the largest stocking distributor of dielectric rubber goods in the United States, Wesco can eliminate long factory lead times and support your immediate needs.

Contact us to check our current inventory.

  • Blanket Canisters
  • Blanket Pins
  • Blankets, Pole, and Line Insulation
  • Buttons, Harnesses, and Straps For Sleeves
  • Conductor Covers Line Guards
  • Contoured Cuff Gloves
  • Cross Arm Guards
  • Flare Cuff Gloves Insulated Molded Sleeves Type I and II
  • Glove Bags
  • Glove Dust/Powder
  • High Voltage Rubber Insulating Gloves
  • Insulator Covers
  • Insulated Dipped Sleeves Type I and II
  • Insulating Roll Blankets
  • Leather Protectors for Rubber Gloves
  • Line Hose
  • Line Hose Canisters
  • Low Voltage Rubber Insulating Gloves
  • One-Finger Mittens
  • Rubber Insulating Blankets Type I and II
  • Pole Covers
  • Rubber Lineman Boots and Overshoes
  • Sleeve Bags
  • Switchboard Matting
  • Tie Straps

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