Project Deployment

Wesco’s deployment services help secure job site materials, prevent loss, improve efficiency, reduce job site waste and ensure that your day-to-day supplies are on hand.

Whether you’re planning a maintenance shutdown, deploying broadband infrastructure, building a data center or rolling out a multi-site solution, Wesco can prepare a coordinated, customized program to keep you well-stocked, your project on time and within budget.

Kitting and Labeling Services

Locating materials, gathering components, unpacking and handling excess packaging waste add non-productive labor to your projects. Wesco’s custom kitting and labeling services improve project execution with whole order delivery and labeling by project phase and site location. Materials are easier to locate and prepare for installation. 

In addition to time savings, removal and recycling excess packaging in our warehouse reduces clutter on the job site and can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Kitting and labeling services can include packaging reduction, repackaging (palletizing, crating, shrink wrapping, electrostatic packaging) and labeling by project phase and site location.

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Job Trailers and Mobile Storage Solutions

Job trailers increase jobsite agility, optimize delivery costs, support inventory management and organization, simplify re-stocking and improve security. Portable solutions such as CONEX boxes and mobile storage units can be easily moved at various project stages and quickly redeployed to other sites. Vented and insulated CONEX boxes can also protect materials from the elements. Our job trailers and mobile storage solutions can also arrive stocked with job site materials.

Project Inventory Management Services

Wesco’s material management services help you maintain optimal inventories to keep your projects on time and job sites organized with the equipment and supplies available when needed. Our inventory management services can also improve cash flow through just-in-time delivery.

When inventory must be readily available, you can count on Wesco to deliver what you need, when and how you need it. We have a complete suite of services to support you at your site, the job site or one of our warehouses. Wesco can tailor an inventory management program to meet your project needs.

Our Site Inventory Management

Services offered through our site inventory management include project inventory housed for feed-the-job delivery, just-in-time delivery to feed the job and customer-owned inventory.

Your Site Inventory Management

At your site, Wesco offers inventory management services including replenishment and auto-replenishment programs.

Job Site Inventory Management

Job site services include replenishment and auto-replenishment programs, Wesco vendor managed inventory (VMI), remote job site storage, yard management and service truck inventory tracking.

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Turnaround and Shutdown Solutions

Turnaround and shutdown periods allow for preventative maintenance and repairs. Crews often work around the clock during this period, and a missed step, equipment or material can result in unplanned downtime.

Detailed planning for each phase of a turnaround or shutdown period is critical to completing your objectives. Furthermore, all materials must be available where, when and how they are needed. Wesco’s team of supply chain and project management experts provide proven solutions customized to support you at each phase.

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Key Steps


Project scope and planning


Application engineering


Material lead time analysis


Material staging and site deployment


Post shutdown demobilization and reporting

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Fiber Broadband Deployment Services

Wesco streamlines fiber broadband deployments with a suite of services ranging from cut-to-length cable and product specification to technical support and project management services. Through careful planning, technical expertise and supply chain experience, we ensure your projects stay on budget and on schedule.

Fiber broadband deployment services include asset management, cut-to-length fiber optic cable, eCommerce solutions, kitting and product staging, product demonstration and training, product warehousing, project planning and management, technical support for ISP, OSP and wireless networks and vendor managed inventory.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Services

Wesco is here for you, before and after any emergency event. From planning and preparedness to response, recovery and rebuilding, our experts can help you minimize downtime and interruption to your business.

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Emergency Planning

Wesco will review your current processes and develop a customized storm and emergency response plan to protect your building and infrastructure, including pre-assembled storm and emergency kits, material management, third-party logistics (3PL), contractor coordination, safety programs, lay down yard set-up and management and inventory recovery and reclamation.

  • Pre-assembled storm and emergency kits
  • Material management
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Contractor coordination
  • Safety programs
  • Lay down yard set-up and management
  • Inventory recovery and reclamation

Emergency Preparation

When there is a notification of an emergency event, Wesco will respond with various services in the critical hours leading up to a disaster. Wesco can help you prepare for an emergency by positioning emergency inventory, equipment and personnel. We can also provide you with access to storm inventory across our entire Wesco warehouse network, stocked mobile storm trailers and pre-built and custom storm kits.

Emergency Response

We are prepared with the inventory needed to help you recover quickly, including 24-hour emergency response and on-site services. Our response solutions are tailored to your needs, duration and scope to assist you in recovery. We also work with our industry partners to optimize resources and systems to help restore impacted communities.

  • 24/7 dedicated emergency support team
  • Mobilization team
  • Field service project managers
  • Laydown yard and staging area support
  • On-site material handling, management and logistics
  • Temporary facilities (powered work trailers, stocked tool trailers, utility storm trailers, portable shelters, containers and storage solutions)
  • Equipment needs (lifts, loaders, light towers, fencing)
  • Sanitation, hydration and waste management
  • Safety and PPE coordination and supplies

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