With each innovation our economy becomes increasingly more digital. IoT devices are forecasted to nearly triple from 8.74 billion in 2020 to more than 25.4 billion worldwide by 2030. 

Industrial Automation

Automation on factory floors provides a competitive advantage for companies to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve overall safety and quality. Wesco's specialized industrial automation solutions are designed to drive business outcomes and deliver results.

Optimizing Your Organization

Optimizing your organization is essential for continued success. While the average manufacturing capacity utilization rates hovers in the 70-80% range headwinds such as skilled labor shortages and supply chain instability make performance gains more elusive.


How can you increase efficiency, reduce downtime, improve capacity utilization, quality and maximize (OEE) Overall Equipment Effectiveness?  Most likely, leveraging automation and technology is an essential part of your solutions journey. Wesco has the team, know-how and solutions that can assist you on the journey and gain a competitive advantage.

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