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Wireless systems have evolved into crucial infrastructure – supporting mobility, safety, productivity, security and IoT connectivity. Wesco can help ensure your wireless system is reliable and robust for your enterprise’s business operations, guest experience and public safety.

Solutions for All of Your Wireless Needs

Whether you need to improve Wi-Fi performance, provide indoor cellular coverage or implement a campus-wide private LTE network, Wesco is ready to make it happen. You can count on our dedicated wireless solutions team to have proven technologies and tangible strategies for outstanding results.

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5G Cellular Networks

5G is the fifth generation mobile cellular network. This technology offers greater bandwidth and lower latency, thus allowing for higher download speeds, faster connections and the ability to connect to more devices.

5G provides:

  • Potential speeds up to 10GBs
  • A viable alternative to traditional terrestrial service provider infrastructure
  • A platform for enabling new IoT applications that depend on less latency and higher speeds

Cell Signal Repeaters and Amplifiers

Repeaters capture the wireless signal from the nearest cellular tower using a donor antenna (generally from your building’s rooftop). That signal is then amplified and routed via cabling to antennas throughout your building, which helps sustain communications. Repeaters are available in a variety of options, as they boost and distribute signals covering multiple frequencies.

Repeaters and amplifiers provide:

  • Cost-effective solution for smaller buildings or locations within a building
  • Easy installation with no carrier coordination required — simply register the device

Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Whether for a high-rise or a hospital, a college building or a corporate campus, our wireless experts are experienced in the single carrier, multicarrier and public safety systems that address your DAS requirements.

DAS provides:

  • Cellular connectivity in a building
  • Increased wireless network capacity
  • Elimination of dead zones and wireless gaps in coverage

Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed wireless access is the technology of providing wireless broadband using radio links between two fixed points. It is an alternate method of providing connectivity to homes or businesses while eliminating the need for physical connections (phone lines, cable or fiber). Typically, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless technology is considered fixed wireless access.

Fixed wireless access provides:

  • Quick deployment of network connectivity
  • High speed connections to areas underserved by terrestrial infrastructure
  • Connectivity solutions where wired infrastructure is impractical or too costly

IoT and Wireless Gateways

Physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software and other technologies require IoT enablement and wireless gateways to exchange data with linked devices and systems over the internet or other communications networks. These devices can be connected via copper or fiber cable, fixed wireless access, NFC (near field communications), Wi-Fi, cellular or private LTE/CBRS.

IoT and wireless gateways provide:

  • Real-time monitoring of connected devices
  • Remote control and manipulation of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Data to automate and help make decisions without human intervention

Private LTE/Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

PLTE is a private network for commercial use in environments where offloading data from the Wi-Fi network is beneficial. CBRS (primarily in the U.S.) is a licensed spectrum that combines the management and overall costs of an LTE network with the security and carrier-based network benefits of cellular broadband — with a direct pathway to 5G.

Private LTE provides:

  • Private dedicated network for commercial and industrial IoT (indoor or outdoor)
  • Additional capacity in overworked or underserved markets
  • A private network beyond cellular systems to increase device connectivity

Public Safety DAS

Increasing requirements due to local, state and federal legislation have made public safety DAS an important aspect when determining the budget for any new build or major renovation. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the needs of any location and satisfy national safety codes such as the NFPA 72, 1221, IFC510 and New York City ARC requirements.

Public Safety DAS provides:

  • First responder communication
  • Facility communication
  • Emergency responder radio communication systems (ERRCS)


An RFID system consists of a tiny radio transponder, a radio receiver and transmitter. It’s a complete wireless system to track assets, products and people.

RFID provides:

  • Real-time location data of objects in a defined space
  • A more efficient way to scan hundreds of tags at a time
  • A quick way to identify people and animals

Small Cells

Poor wireless coverage is no longer an option because employees and customers expect their mobile devices to work wherever they are in a building. Our tailored small cell solutions are designed to meet the complex challenge of coverage requirements. With a complete portfolio of carrier-grade products, we can provide you with a fast and efficient in-building wireless network deployment.

Small cells provide:

  • Increased network capacity
  • A complete solution that includes signal source
  • Ability to leverage existing structured cabling
  • Faster deployment in most circumstances


With the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend changing the way people work, the exponential growth of data usage in facilities requires a scalable network to meet the significant demand on Wi-Fi networks. We can evaluate your current data network’s demands to ensure your facility can manage the future demands of wireless devices.

Wi-Fi provides:

  • Cost-effective solution for non-cellular devices
  • Flexibility and mobility in workspaces
  • Platform for IP-based edge devices

We have the dedicated resources to help you be successful.

Having a dedicated wireless solutions team means your challenges become our challenges. Wesco is ready to respond with knowledge, guidance and resources, from identifying needs to commissioning. Our cutting-edge lineup of carrier-approved products from best-in-class manufacturers helps ensure your enterprise gets the best solution for your needs today and in the future.

We are ready to guide you through complex technologies and ensure they work together to meet every requirement. It’s a proven approach that has worked for commercial building owners, tenants, government facilities, campuses, hospitals, manufacturers, utilities, public venues and many more.

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