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The professional A/V industry is evolving. We are here to help.

As the pace of change within the professional A/V industry continues to increase, Wesco provides solutions and expertise to help you to meet and exceed ever-changing customer demand.  Whether local, national or global, our collaborative approach with you and your customer is designed to achieve everyone’s goals. 

Benefits of Our A/V Programs Include:


Reduced costs generating greater profits

Icon Scalability

Unmatched scalability from local to national to global

Icon Increase Efficiencies

Increased efficiencies

Icon Consistency

Enhanced consistency 

Icon Logistics

Reliable logistics and scheduling

Successful Business Development

As our industry converges beyond A/V to technologies underpinned by the network such as unified communications and collaboration, security, and cabling infrastructure, we are perfectly positioned to help you expand your technology offerings and capabilities. Beyond products, our services can help you improve your cash-to-cash cycle and take on larger, more profitable projects.

Truly Global

We have been investing in the geographies we support for decades, understanding the local standards, processes and market needs with in-country teams operating in local language, time zone and currency. With today's global A/V supply chain, there is no substitute for local presence.

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Solutions for Every Project

Convergence is driving the increase of low complexity, high volume projects across wide geographies. We can help you to adapt and succeed with tailored solutions for your business:

Installation Enhancement Services 

Reduce costs and installation time through asset tagging, camera configuration, IP addressing, preassembly, kitting, labeling, whole order delivery and more.

Learn more about our installation enhancement services.

Supply Chain Programs 

Benefit from improvements in working capital and sourcing, while reducing scrap and obsolescence.

Learn more about our supply chain services.

Project Deployment Services 

Streamline projects involving multiple product sets; numerous contractors, integrators and installers; large inventory or value amounts; and national or global rollouts.

Learn more about our project deployment services.

Advisory Services 

Our experts are here to help, from technical support to engineering and more.

Learn more about our advisory services.

Financial Services 

Lease financing, open account terms, project accounts and custom consolidated invoicing are available to help support your business.

Unified Communications Solutions

Conferencing and collaboration solutions to support all your meeting spaces.

Solutions for Every Environment

Technology convergence is driving exponential growth in the internet of things (IoT), or connected devices. Intelligent lighting, cameras, sensors, electronic access control and A/V equipment are just some of the environmental components that are changing rapidly with the increasingly widespread adoption of IoT enablement. Wesco simplifies access to and understanding of this technology, and offers solutions to capitalize on the increased efficiency provided by connected spaces.

Commercial Buildings 

From the lobby to the board room, design a complete A/V solution for the modern enterprise. Huddle rooms, end zones, SaaS models and IoT are becoming the norm—replacing the many customized bespoke solutions of yesterday. End users are looking for technology integration partners to assist them in connecting the devices that help secure, inspire and optimize the work environment. 

Learn more about Wesco's commercial buildings.

Large Venues, Retail and Restaurants

From sports stadiums to transportation hubs, and from department stores to café counters, find complete pro A/V solutions for your needs no matter the size of your environment or industry you serve.

Learn more about Wesco’s retail and hospitality solutions.


Professional A/V solutions give educators access to a wide range of resources to support teaching and engage students in any learning environment. Outfitting classrooms and other spaces with pro A/V technologies is an important way to improve learning and provide educators with more effective teaching tools for today’s digital world.

Learn more about Wesco’s education solutions.

Technical Expertise

With highly trained technical experts available on call, Wesco has the knowledge to help specify products and technologies for complete IP-based A/V systems. To keep you informed of the latest technologies, best practices and trends, we sit on industry standards committees including AVIXA, HDBaseT and SDVoE.

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