Wesco offers the most advanced range of lighting and energy efficient services, products, and solutions in the marketplace today.

This offer is supported by our proven reliability and 100 years of experience. Wesco’s depth includes custom turnkey retrofits, new construction, and advanced energy-optimizing solutions. Our unmatched expertise and full-service offering deliver increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, safer interior, and exterior environments, as well as bottom-line savings.

Wesco Lighting offers a full range of products and solutions to help your business keep up with the rapidly developing technology so you can remain ahead of the competition. Wesco can provide a local, dedicated point of contact backed by a team of experts to assist with engaging lighting agents, scope development, project management, and operational execution. Wesco is uniquely positioned to conquer the challenging complexities of new construction projects and remodels. If you are looking for a complete turnkey solution, our team supports you from conception through installation, to help you achieve significant savings and create a smart, future-proof infrastructure. Our team has the resources and footprint to run your project at multiple sites, across multiple states, simultaneously. We leverage our strong supplier relationships and innovative technology to deliver the price, performance, cost-of-maintenance, warranty, and manufacturer reliability you expect and deserve.

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We have assisted clientele across a broad range of industries including Distribution, Warehousing, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Commercial, Industrial, and Energy Service Contracting. We understand the intricacies of your business and know where to find the greatest energy savings for your organization. Moreover, we are confident we can work unobtrusively in a wide variety of situations, from high security facilities to those operating at full capacity around the clock.

As one of the world’s largest electrical distributors, we have a multitude of value-added services to support your execution and increase your project excellence.

Lighting Expertise and Services

Job Kits and Carts

Wesco’s lighting kit delivery service stages and stores fixtures and materials needed for each phase of installation. The Wesco warehouse receives the materials, disposes of the excess packaging and holds the material until it is needed at the jobsite for installation. This service will help your jobsite run more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Lighting Design and System Analysis

Wesco’s lighting specialists offer design-build services and support throughout your lighting project. Depending on your scope of services needed, our in-house capabilities include specification, photometrics and pricing of products from a variety of manufacturers to best meet the contractor’s needs.

Utility and Incentive Analysis

We scrutinize current utility bills to locate discrepancies and reduce costs. We then research all available rebates and incentives to tailor the project to maximize funds. This allows us to deliver a projected rebate and incentive total so these funds can be included in the financial analysis. Upon project approval, we manage the paperwork and approval process to secure the projected funds on our client’s behalf.

Lighting Retrofit Software

With access to our ecoInsight software tool, we can easily audit, specify and propose the best products for your facility. EcoInsight combines the flexibility and mobility of tablet-based lighting audit software with the power and security of a collaborative, cloud-based lighting specification platform. Our project management abilities can track the job through all stages of development, implementation and completion.

Financial Services

There are many ways to accomplish an energy-efficient project, many of which require no upfront capital expenditure. Wesco can help you identify the best financing method for your organization to achieve your financial goals. Whether those goals are to shift the expense from your capital budget to your operating budget, immediately increase cash flow, qualify for lucrative tax deductions, or any number of other objectives.

Installation and Contractor Management

We maintain a strong network of qualified partners to perform the system installation with day-to-day supervision by our project managers and coordinators. We secure the required certificates, licenses, and permits and stay current on all new legislation, codes, and statutes affecting the project. When we provide recycling as a value-added service, we can provide certificates of recycling.

On-Going Maintenance

We know preventative services help protect the longevity of your investment and ensure the continued optimal investment of your energy upgrade. Post-project we offer customizable maintenance programs, such as scheduled services and on-demand services, to meet the needs of our clients. In addition, our dedicated Service Team is experienced with 3rd party work order management systems.


Post-project our dedicated team of specialists is here to ensure optimal performance of your energy solution. Our team researches, manages, and processes any warranty claims and supports the installation of your replacement equipment.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Reduce Energy Consumption

The reduction in lighting load alone can be up to 50% or more. Advanced control strategies can often reduce consumption an additional 40% or more. In addition, further cost savings can be achieved by reducing the number of fixtures.

Rapid Return on Investment

With the use of rebates and proper energy conservation measure selection, ROI can be brought down to under two years. Cash flow is usually positive immediately upon project completion.

Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs

New, longer life products require less periodic maintenance and extend the time between re-lamp/retrofit expenses. Lighting controls can track occupancy rates and times to improve savings on cleaning and housekeeping costs.

Improve Site Safety

Improving light levels in low light and hazardous areas can decrease the potential for accidents and create safer work environments for customers and staff.

Increase Productivity

By ensuring that light levels and color temperatures are adequate and appropriate to the task being performed, LED lighting has been shown to improve employee productivity. It is even possible to accommodate personal employee preference with individual light levels and color adjustments.

Integrate with Building Management Systems

Improving light levels in low light and hazardous areas can decrease the potential for accidents and create safer work environments for customers and staff.


An energy efficient lighting upgrade is a smart decision for every industry. It can save you 40-70% on energy consumption as well as lower operations and maintenance costs. Best of all, there are many ways to finance a lighting project that do not require any upfront capital.

Adding a smart control system to other energy efficient building upgrades can increase energy savings and create better functionality & flexibility. These control systems enable all sorts of interesting IoT functionality to create a truly smart building system. Daylight harvesting, task tuning, and time scheduling? No problem. Need to know where a piece of equipment has been moved to within your building? Our engineers can design a system that will do that, too.

Smart control system creates better functionality and flexibility.

Single Point of Control

Smart Building Controls create the opportunity to monitor and manage a single building or multiple sites from a single dashboard. This can be done either on-site or remotely, so that problems can be identified quickly no matter where your facilities are in the world nor whether they are open or closed.

Integrate with Building Management Systems

Many Smart Building Controls can interface with other building systems. This allows lighting sensor data to be leveraged for broader applications either through expanding control software or third-party apps.

Easily Reprogrammed

Advanced control systems are installed with control nodes throughout the space. Each control node can be individually reprogrammed to accommodate changes in space, schedule, or preference without rewiring.

Customizable Light Levels

Lighting paired with Smart Building Controls can be tuned to a range of lighting levels, respond to available daylight and hours of operation, vary by occupancy patterns, and be customized to individual preferences to provide the ideal work environment and increase employee satisfaction.

Remote Access

Easily monitor, control, and maintain all aspects of a facility from anywhere in the world. Whether a facilities team is working from home or needs to manage multiple sites spread across the globe, Smart Building Controls provides access to all the buildings systems.

Alarm Conditions

Smart Building Controls and IoT technology enable a range of notification options that improve building operation and performance. For example, alarms can be set when temperatures are out of range, windows or doors are open, or moisture is detected. The options are limitless.

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