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Advanced Cable Management for Utility Operations

Streamlining the supply chain for wire and cable can increase a utility company’s profit margins tremendously. Self-managing these areas can prove to be quite costly, while consuming time and resources . As your trusted industry partner, we provide superior expertise that helps utilities minimize expenses and improve operational efficiency. As part of a comprehensive cable management solution, Wesco solves complex material management problems and lowers operating costs with advanced logistics and reel optimization. Our innovative inventory and waste reduction programs enable you to address supply chain, product management, and technical challenges before they reach the job site. Wesco’s unmatched combination of industry experience, resources, and technology enables us to build innovative yet practical wire and cable solutions.

Through local and global relationships, we give customers what they need to reduce total cost of ownership: superior product solutions, an unmatched distribution network, expert supply chain management and technical expertise.

Materials Management Solutions

Utilities face many challenges with wire and cable including long lead times, difficulty storing, handling and cutting large reels, product waste and much more. Wesco can manage, cut, stage, and distribute materials to your storerooms and job sites regardless of where they were purchased. We provide critical spare material handling solutions, and around the clock communication with contractors to meet project deadlines and reduce theft. Our program mitigates risks by leveraging advanced material handling, technology and strong supplier relationships to help you achieve maximum return on investment capital.

Wire and Cable Core Capabilities

Wesco’s unique capabilities help position us as a single-source provider of wire and cable for utility providers offering transmission and distribution, data and communications, and critical infrastructure security services.  Our comprehensive cable management solution combines reel and material optimization with advanced logistics while providing access to a vast array of wire and cable products.

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How We Can Help

  • Wire and cable assessment
  • Wire cutting programs
  • Spooling, re-spooling and hand coiling
  • Installation services
  • Warehousing, logistics, and secure storage
  • Scrap management and disposition
  • Pulling eye installation and paralleling

  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Supplier contract administration and OEM coordination
  • Wire SKU rationalization and standardization
  • Reel and partial reel management
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Sustainability, salvage, and reverse logistics
  • Outage and storm recovery

Wesco is Your 24/7 emergency preparedness and recovery partner. 

Planning, activation, and recovery assistance for businesses facing emergency events.

Program Benefits

With Wesco, you have access to the largest wire and cable product offering in the world with an inventory of 65,000 products from the manufacturers you know and trust. In addition to ensuring wire and cable product availability and lower total cost of ownership, our program benefits include:

  • Reduced reel deposit costs
  • Proactive reel tracking and fewer reels in circulation
  • Increased crew efficiency and reduced labor costs
  • Decreased warehousing footprint and material handling
  • Reduced scrap resulting in higher reel yields
  • Reduced storm and outage response times
  • Improved safety due to minimal material handling and cutting
  • Increased working capital due to reduction in wire and cable inventory

woman electrician installation

Installation Services

Wesco offers electrical contractors a suite of services designed to support your projects during installation to reduce labor, mitigate risk, speed installation, minimize scrap while increasing safety and financial leverage.  


Paraspin allows different diameters of cable to be pulled simultaneously by using independent spinning chambers.


Paraplex reduces the amount of reels at the job site by bundling of two or more cables paralleled on the same reel.


Consists of a standard wooden reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place.


Designed to simultaneously pull multiple cables for indoor applications. At only 32 inches wide, the Slim-Spin easily fits through standard 36-inch doorways.


Bundles multiple, numbered circuit conductors, so they can be accessed in a single pull.

Cable Tray Carts

Reduce the labor and installation time to install cable tray in large installations.

Low Voltage Cable Cart

Ideal for installing cables such as Category 5 and 6, security cables, door lock cables and other low voltage communication cables.

Lighting Cart

Designed specifically to keep valuable light fixtures secure when stored and/or moved around the jobsite.

Grip for Medium Voltage Applications

Eliminates on-site termination by having medium-voltage pulling eyes installed by Wesco.

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