Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Facility professionals are incorporating modern air quality systems and technologies to address evolving health and safety threats.

Businesses and institutions are looking beyond traditional disinfection methods to improve indoor air quality, reduce the spread of pathogens, and decrease the financial impact of illness-related absences and productivity loss. Wesco has been offering cutting-edge technologies like ultraviolet light disinfection and Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB) for many years. Our experts can help you ensure the safety of your employees and customers, allowing you to operate your facility with confidence.

Our solutions create a healthier environment for those who use your space.

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

Ultraviolet light has a detrimental effect on the cellular structure of pathogens, rendering them inactive and harmless. Commercially available UV-C solutions are a safe, proven way to reduce a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses throughout unoccupied spaces, with Far-UV light solutions available to inactivate pathogens in occupied spaces. This technology has undergone extensive safety testing and regulation by the EPA, the FDA and OSHA. Wesco offers two UV light solutions:

  • Ultraviolet light fixtures can easily supplement current lighting systems for cost-effective disinfection. The programmable design allows you to customize running times for optimal cleaning.
  • HVAC UV disinfection systems purify the interior and exterior air circulating through your building to reduce bacteria and viruses. This keeps your air handling equipment clean, reducing runtime and wasted energy.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB)

ADB is a non-thermal plasma technology that captures and exposes ambient air to high frequency controlled electrical pulses. This continuous process inactivates microbes in the air and on surfaces. ADB improves indoor air quality in occupied and unoccupied spaces without impacting staffing or traffic flow. The technology and disinfection process utilized in ADB products has been thoroughly proven by more than 100 scientific studies and vetted by international regulatory agencies. Wesco offers two ADB solutions:

  • HVAC ADB solutions are integrated into an existing heating and air conditioning system to mitigate microbes throughout your facility. They also save energy and increase efficiency by reducing air changes and continuously cleaning the system.
  • ADB mobile units work as a standalone disinfection solution for individual rooms as well as spaces that do not have traditional HVAC ducts and registers.

While pathogens can develop resistance to cleaning products and chemicals, they cannot survive UV light and ADB treatments. A one-time investment in these future-ready technologies can eliminate years of traditional disinfection maintenance and labor costs.

Top Air Quality System Applications

Air purification technology has been used for decades to kill viruses, bacteria, and mold in indoor environments. Wesco provides proven disinfection solutions for a variety of commercial and public settings.


Ultraviolet light and ADB technologies are incredibly effective at reducing the spread of illnesses in schools. HVAC system disinfection protects students and staff by cleansing the air throughout the day.

Learn more about Wesco’s education solutions.


Retail and Grocery

Automatic disinfection solutions can lower revenue losses from premature food spoilage, reduce employee absences and help maintain a positive image with customers.


Ultraviolet light systems and ADB are used in healthcare facilities for disinfecting patient rooms, operating rooms, and HVAC systems. These technologies help reduce hospital-acquired infections.

Recreation and Hospitality

A robust HVAC and mobile disinfection system will keep employees healthy and reassure guests visiting your hotel, restaurant, or gym.

Learn more about Wesco’s retail and hospitality solutions.

Warehousing and Manufacturing

Add UV light fixtures to your worksite to disinfect tools, conveyor belts, machines, and other high-touch areas.

Learn more about Wesco’s manufacturing solutions.

Office Buildings and Lobbies

Reducing employee absences due to illness is critical to maintaining productive operations. Installing UV light and ADB solutions will provide safer air quality for your workers.

Learn more about Wesco’s commercial building solutions.

Public Transportation

Mobile disinfection units are ideal for public transportation and can be moved from place to place as part of the nightly cleaning routine.

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