Power Generation and Distribution

Wesco services Investor-owned utilities (IOUs), public power companies, and contractors. We are an industry-leading supplier of products, services, and advanced supply chain solutions. We support grid and network modernization and hardening, renewable deployments, and smart technologies.

We are ready to help new energy-related platforms grow. We do this by providing smart technology solutions to utility networks and communities. We are the preferred distributor for utilities, contractors, and EPCs. They choose us for our ability to provide a full project scope and streamlined material management solutions for renewable energy projects.

Transmission, Distribution, and Substation

Our substation, transmission, and distribution project solutions are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each customer and their project requirements. We employ an agile approach. This enables us to provide custom packages, project services, and grid modernization programs. We’re delivering a world our customers can depend on.

Grid Services

Wesco collaborates with a variety of industries, including high-voltage, industrial, wind, and solar. We also partner with government entities and municipalities. Our services include innovative designs, engineering, material packages, and asset management.

Utility Gas

Our warehousing network is set up to handle the distribution of pipe, valves, and fittings (PVF) solutions across the country. We support natural gas initiatives with an infrastructure in place to provide products, services, and resources from top industry suppliers.

Utility Metering

We offer full-line metering solutions for electric power transmission and distribution. These solutions provide intelligence to create reliable, resilient systems that can sustain businesses and communities.

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