Wesco collaborates with a variety of industries, including high-voltage, industrial, wind, and solar. We also partner with government entities and municipalities. Our services include innovative designs, engineering, and material packages.

We serve businesses seeking effective grid services and solutions for facility electrical, transmission and distribution (T&D), and communications product requirements. Our tools give greater visibility into real-time analytics, tracking information and performance metrics. This leads to cost savings and helps you maximize your budget.

Asset and Inventory Management

Our grid services aid with asset management and inventory control for both Wesco and customer inventories. Having core competency and control processes in place ensures accountability, auditing, and optimization for inventory management.

Wesco’s engagement can be scaled during the progression of the project. Resources are ramped up during mobilization, normalized during execution, and then scaled down at project de-mobilization. This scalability approach eliminates customers’ residual resources at the conclusion of the project, thus helping maximize cost effectiveness.

Project Services

We offer on-site project services. These include project specific resources and logistics. We provide these services on an as-needed basis for all sizes of projects, from small to large. These services are tailored to your specific needs, duration and scope.

Site Services and Logistics
  • Marshalling
  • On-site Labor
  • Connex lifting solutions
  • Job site kitting
  • Material management
  • Coordination of material from project scheduling
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Storm response
  • Safety programs
  • Lay down yard set-up and management
  • Investment recovery and reclamation
  • Investor-owned utilities (IOUs)
  • Rural electrification associations (REAs)

Grid Modernization Program Services
  • Demand management
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Working stock program for contractors
  • Wesco and customer inventory management
  • ERP system coordination
  • Project management: distribution, transmission, and substation
  • Returns and reclamation

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Technology Support 


Customer interface solutions

Icon Scalability

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Icon Increase Efficiencies


Icon Consistency

Punchout technology

Icon Logistics

Collaborative alliance portal for 24/7 data access

Emergency Response Support

  • Storm and emergency response kits
  • Annual incident planning and training

We also provide:

24/7 access to a highly motivated resource team that has successfully supported restoration for events such as hurricanes, heat waves, fires, wind, tornadoes, snow storms, and other disasters.

Mobilizes resources throughout the country, sending drivers, trucks, material, buyers, and warehouse workers to the point of need quickly and efficiently.

Accurate material lists of “must-have, never-out” items to streamline the procurement timeline and minimize waste.

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