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EV Charging Installation and Infrastructure

The electrification of transportation will lead to a steep rise in electric vehicle (EV) energy consumption and the need for chargers, as well as the infrastructure to support them. Electric vehicles remain an increasingly crucial component in the effort to reduce carbon emissions. By the year 2025 UBS forecasts that 20% of global new car sales will be EV, and 50% by 2030.

With electric vehicle demand continuing to expand, charging equipment manufacturers, automakers, utilities, municipalities, and government agencies are rapidly establishing a national network of charging infrastructure. With $7.5 billion allocated for a national network of EV charging stations through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, EV charging in the US is primed for rapid growth.

Whether you’re an EV charging station contractor looking for products and services, or a corporation looking to improve your environmental and sustainability goals, you can rely on Wesco’s expertise, scalability, and supplier partners to assist you on your journey.

Charging Ahead

Access to efficient charging could become a roadblock to EV adoption. The e-mobility infrastructure demands we take charge and pave the way to a more sustainable future. We partner with the industry’s most trusted manufacturers and installers to develop cutting-edge EV strategies for wide ranging commercial and fleet applications.

  • Moving your fleet to EV? Our team produces strategic EV assemblies and cutting-edge solutions
  • Helping utilities lead the way in producing a smarter and cleaner electric grid by launching their own electric vehicle fleets
  • Demonstrable costs savings for fleet vehicle management
  • Optimize energy and vehicle usage with hardware and software integration into charging infrastructure
  • As the EV market expands, smart investment for businesses of all types to increase profitability
  • EV charging station availability will provide more value to your customers and tenants
  • Federal and state tax credit incentives for businesses

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Wesco Offers all the Products and Services to Make Your EV Projects EZ

Balance of systems (BOS) products: Conduit, conduit fittings, grounding, mounting brackets, etc. 

Wesco has the expertise and partnerships to assist with the complete project scope with a wide selection of charging units, design of networks and storage, assistance for grant writing and local/state/national incentive programs, and software for network monitoring and load balance.

We take the guesswork out of these complex projects and support you from start to finish, including the installation and commissioning of your EV charging stations, combined with our unmatched portfolio of charging units, breakers, wire, conduit and wiring devices.

AC Level Two Charger
  • Residential and commercial use
  • Single or double heads available for extended dwell time (i.e. home, commercial, offices, shopping centers, entertainment venues, etc.)
DC Fast Charge
  • Available for fast charging in high-traffic areas (i.e. public/roadside charging stations, highways, fleet depots, etc.)

The reality of implementing a strategy for e-Mobility requires technical knowledge and expertise, an ecosystem of manufacturer and installing partners, as well as a strong and scalable supply chain. Wesco is the chosen partner for many to support their e-Mobility journey. We are uniquely positioned to provide the critical infrastructure know-how and solutions that enable the technologies of tomorrow.

EV Charging Services

To make your EV project EZ, Wesco offers the following services to complete your project with confidence and ease.

Wesco also offers installation enhancement designed to reduce unproductive labor, minimize scrap and excess waste, while mitigating risk and maximizing cash flow.

Electric Vehicle Stations

  • Site surveys
  • Power studies
  • Equipment specifications
  • Drawings
  • Permits
  • Rebates and credits

Product Portfolio and Distribution Scalability
  • All levels of EVSE chargers and accessories
  • Balance of Systems (BOS): transformers, panels, wire, conduit, etc.

Engineer using tablet at construction site.

Installation and Deployment
  • Project management
  • Site development
  • EVSE charger installation and commissioning

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Service and Maintenance
  • Manufacturer recommended maintenance, parts stocking and replacement

Wesco also offers installation enhancement designed to reduce unproductive labor, minimize scrap and excess waste, while mitigating risk and maximizing cash flow.


INSTA-REEL consists of a standard reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place. The inner reel spins independently of the outer flanges creating a reel with a built-in payout stand.


PARASPINSM reels have independently spinning chambers that allow cables of different diameters to be pulled simultaneously. Ground wires commonly are smaller in size, and PARASPIN reel allows for the grounds to be pulled off the same reel as the circuit legs. Wesco’s PARASPIN reels are also shipped on their own cable caddy, which allows for easy setup at the job site.


EZ EV is Wesco’s package for all required materials to complete the project. We stage, store, and kit materials in our warehouse until it’s time to deliver to the job site. This labor optimization service, results in your project coming in on-time and on budget.

Wesco is Your Strategic Renewable Energy Partner

Wesco is committed to delivering sustainability solutions today for a cleaner and more profitable tomorrow. Change is accelerating and businesses across the world recognize the immense impact of rising global temperatures.

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