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Boosting In-Building Cellular Coverage

Why Smart Cellular Signal Boosters Should be a Part of Your Comprehensive Wireless Strategy

Nowadays, it’s expected that people and systems are always on, always connected. We expect our devices to connect from anywhere at any time with little hassle. Connectivity has gone from a luxury to a necessity. This is true for work, home, school, shopping, entertainment, and everywhere else. For this reason, we routinely see connectivity referred to as the fourth utility by companies like Corning, Cisco, and CommScope. And there are organizations, such as WiredScore that rate buildings for connectivity – similarly to the way they are rated for energy efficiency. Signal strength is frequently mentioned in reviews of hotels, apartments, retail outlets, and other public spaces.

With the need for reliable indoor connectivity clear and present, the question is – what are the products and technologies that can help enterprises most effectively meet these needs? Advancements in smart cellular signal boosters help bring the power of the macro network indoor in a way that is both affordable and sustainable – with little maintenance or reliance on internal IT resources.

Cellular is Part of Complete Wireless Strategy

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Achieving the goal of connectivity without gaps in time or space requires a multi-layer approach for enterprises. A comprehensive wireless strategy consists of four pillars:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Public cellular coverage
  • Private cellular coverage
  • Low-power sensor networks

Planning for each of these four elements, enterprises can build a robust connectivity core that is both manageable and scalable for the future.

Wi-Fi vs. Cellular

Wi-Fi and cellular coverage are often talked about as though they are interchangeable – or a substitute for one another. However, it’s more beneficial for enterprises to consider the advantages of each and make room for both. Every enterprise has Wi-Fi – it’s great for stationary use – computers, printers / copiers, employees calling from an office, etc. But there are some specific advantages of cellular coverage – which is why both have their place as part of a comprehensive strategy.

As compared to Wi-Fi, cellular coverage:

  • Is more secure
  • Is more reliable with fewer interruptions
  • Has less chance of traffic interference as it uses capacity from the macro network
  • Requires no log-in for visitors, vendors, etc., and no one will lose coverage or have to re-login as they move throughout a large facility
  • Offers access all major networks during an emergency
  • Puts lets pressure on internal IT resources

Affordability and Futureproofing

Today’s smart cellular signal boosters offer channelized, off-air signal boosting that delivers strong, clear signals from all operators to every part of a building. These modern systems also offer many other features that, together, add up to a highly affordable, long-term solution that is perfect for enterprises of all sizes. Some of the key features are:

  • 5G-upgradable
  • CBRS port that can be activated at any time to support private networking (e.g. “private LTE” or “private 5G”)
  • Remote monitoring, optimization, and maintenance
  • OpEx models for both cellular coverage and private networking

Advantages of Channelized Cellular Signal Boosting

One of the features of smart or intelligent signal boosters are the proprietary chips inside that do several things:

  • Boost each / every channel to the highest level allowable
  • Equalize signals from sources of differing strengths to provide a consistent user experience
  • Clean up / cancel echo and noise to provide a clear, clean signal and prevent interference

Channelized smart signal boosters take in, and process separately, cellular signals from each operator to deliver the industry’s best in-building coverage solutions.

Key Markets and Drivers for In-Building Cellular Coverage

Key markets for in-building cellular signal boosting and some of the key drivers within those markets include:

Market Drivers
Retail PoS system backup, customer loyalty apps and coupons, store navigation and inventory checks, delivery apps
Manufacturing Industry 4.0 applications, private networking, employee safety, material handling equipment, maintenance team communications
Distribution Material handling, security, coverage for tracking and inventory equipment and applications, Industry 4.0 sensor applications
Data Center Employee and vendor safety and communications, security
Education Student, parent, and staff communications, e-learning, 9-1-1 / emergency access, futureproofing for private networking, sensor networks
Hospitality and Restaurant Registration system support, PoS system back up, guest convenience, QR code access, safety and security for staff and guests – including delivery services
EV Chargers, Parking Structures EV charging stations require connectivity for payment and charging apps, safety and security in remote areas, parking kiosks
Office and Residential Occupants need connectivity for business, personal communications, access to emergency services and streaming for entertainment, etc.


It is now possible, with the implementation of smart cellular signal boosters, to meet the connectivity needs of enterprise customers today and while simultaneously preparing for the future. Channelized boosters that can be upgraded as 5G is deployed network-wide and support affordable CBRS private networking are readily available and should be considered as enterprises scramble to add connectivity as the fourth utility.


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