Our mission is to build, connect, power, and protect our world, and our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are at the heart of that important work.

“We are investing in new and emerging technologies and expanding our capabilities in order to meet the growing demands in energy efficiency and management, renewable energy, and in sustainable maintenance, repair and operations for our customers.”​

- John Engel, Chairman, President and CEO

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Our Commitment

In 2022, Wesco is celebrating our 100th anniversary since being founded in 1922. In an uncertain and volatile world, very few companies enjoy such longevity and success. Wesco has been a leader in our industry, acquiring and developing capabilities along the way. Our ability to capture synergies and create value for our stakeholders by combining strengths is in our DNA.


Our approach to sustainability is two-fold. We aim to minimize the environmental impacts of our own operations and assist our customers and suppliers with achieving their sustainability goals through the products and services we provide.

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Wesco's Sustainability Journey

Wesco has the unique opportunity to learn about new and innovative products and practices and to share our learning with our customers and along the entire value chain. We design and provide solutions enabling our customers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at their facilities and in their supply chains, improve productivity through automation and increase output more efficiently through digital tools and applications.



Wesco becomes the first electrical distributor in the U.S. to report to the Carbon Disclosure Project.



Wesco opened two new state-of-the-art Lighting and Sustainability Solution Centers in Boston, MA, and Chicago, IL to provide customers with real-world applications of energy efficient lighting, controls, and other green building solutions.



Wesco moved to providing a fuel-efficient leased vehicle to employees who log more than 7,500 miles in business travel annually, resulting in 14.3% increase in average miles per gallon for our fleet through 2016.

Our 2030 Sustainability Goals


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


 Reduction of landfill waste intensity across our US and Canadian locations


Reduction in Total Recordable Incident Safety Rate


We surveyed employees to keep a pulse on our culture as teams settled into new ways of working as a result of the pandemic, and after our combination with Anixter the previous year. Results of the survey provided senior leadership insights into the effectiveness of our change management planning. We continue to monitor and refine systems and process integration that support our continued success.

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Social Accomplishments

New mission, vision and values were introduced for the combined company.

We reduced the total recordable injury rate by 10.6% since 2020.

Wesco matched employee donations for humanitarian aid to Ukraine and our team contributed volunteer hours and financial support for Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross.

We were named to lists including Forbes "World’s Best Employers" (2021) and "America’s Best Employers for Women" (2021), and Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list (2021).

Wesco Habitat for Humanity Volunteers

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

Wesco’s Inclusion and Diversity Council led the creation of five BRGs. More than 2,200 employees from 23 countries at every level of the organization have joined one or more of our BRGs. These groups are offered globally and are open to all employees regardless of any aspect of their personal identity.

Wesco BRG Logos

Warehouse workers celebrating

Wesco Success Story

Wearable Devices Improve Safety Metrics

2021 was a pivotal year in the digital transformation of our Health and Safety program by introducing pilots of wearable technology designed to provide live education to the participants of their at-risk postures and movements throughout the day.

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We are working to reduce our environmental impact in the following areas: energy, emissions, waste and water. We track data on these topics at the location and global levels, with senior management regularly reviewing performance to identify gaps and issues and further refine our goals.

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Workers installing solar panels on roof

Environmental Accomplishments

Waste to landfill was reduced by 5%.

We set 2030 sustainability goals for landfill waste, greenhouse gas emissions and safety.

We conducted a supplier sustainability survey, responses representing $5.6 billion in spend, to better understand our supply chain’s sustainability practices and risk.

We implemented energy reduction projects including 25 lighting retrofit projects, restructuring our solar strategy, and actively working to purchase green power through utility green tariffs

Environmental Management

Sustainability Energy icon


As a leading provider of products and services focused on energy efficiency, we are in a unique position to both minimize our energy consumption and that of our customers. 

Sustainability Water icon


Wesco tracks water data to identify unusual consumption patterns that could indicate undetected leaks or excessive usage that requires intervention.

Sustainability Waste icon


With waste generated through our operations, we work to identify any opportunity to reuse and recycle. 

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In 2021, we saw a 6.9% uptick in absolute overall energy use. Our analysis identified four large, high-use sites that drove over 50% of our natural gas increase. In 2022, we are conducting a more in-depth analysis to identify better controls.


We are a strategic partner for our customers and suppliers supporting their growth, reducing their operating costs, and minimizing their environmental impacts through our products and services. We help our customers make progress in lighting efficiency, energy management, renewable energy, water and waste mitigation and green procurement.

We continue to invest in emerging technologies and expand our capabilities to remain an innovative leader and a forward-thinking resource to our customers.

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Supply Chain

Our supply chain mission statement prioritizes safety, sustainability and supplier diversity. We are proud to deliver comprehensive and innovative supply chain solutions while supporting small and diverse businesses. Over the last two years, Wesco increased our portfolio of vetted, third-party-certified diverse partners to support our supplier diversity priorities and promote supplier diversity efforts at an enterprise level. 

Female supply chain worker in warehouse

2021 Lighting Project Results


Projects Completed

128 Million

Sq. ft. of Space Audited

275 Million

kWh Saved for Our Customers


kgCO2e was Offset

$51 Million

Saved in Energy and Maintenance Cost

$3.3 Million

Dollars Customers Received in Rebates


Wesco is committed to sound business practices and effective corporate governance and believes it is the cornerstone to ESG strategy across the company. We foster a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency. We place a high value on ensuring that we operate according to ethical principles in everything that we do at all levels of the business. Our Board of Directors oversees and works together with our executive officers to ensure they are acting in the best interest of our stockholders.

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Governance Accomplishments

Independent Lead Director, James L. Singleton, was named Public Company Director of the Year by The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

Sundaram Nagarajan was elected to the Wesco Board of Directors, September 1, 2022.

An annual review of ESG initiatives and results was completed by the Board of Directors.

Committed to Continuous Environmental, Social and Governance Improvement