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We Build, Connect, Power, and Protect the World

Wesco’s mission unites our global team to provide exceptional service and value to customers and our supplier partners, to continue to deliver superior returns to our stockholders, and to make lasting contributions to communities where we live and work. In 2022, we continued to work to fulfill our ambitious sustainability goals for 2030.

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Named one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies

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Named the Best Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy - U.S. by Capital Finance International

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Celebrated our centennial by participating in 100 international projects with Habitat for Humanity

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Helped our customers install solar products with more than 248 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy generating potential


"2022 was a truly remarkable year, one in which we delivered record-setting financial performance while making progress to address the impact we are having on the planet and to help our customers and partners do the same."

- John Engel, Chairman, President, and CEO

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Record-Setting 2022 Sales


Proud to Be Leading the Way in Sustainability

We have the unique opportunity to learn about new and innovative products and practices and share this knowledge with our customers and along the entire value chain. We design and provide solutions enabling our customers to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at their facilities and in their supply chains.
  • Improve productivity through automation.
  • Increase output efficiently and effectively through digital tools and applications.

2022 Progress on Our 2030 Sustainability Goals


Reduce absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 30% from a 2021 baseline.


Reduce landfill waste intensity by 15% across our U.S. and Canadian locations from a 2020 baseline.


Achieve a 15% reduction in Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR).


Provide 425,000 hours of safety training and development to our employees.


At Wesco, Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

The success of our company is driven by the strength of our team. We provide growth experiences for career and personal development and nurture a culture of giving back to our communities that attracts and retains diverse and highly-qualified employees to sustain a competitive advantage in our evolving marketplace.

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Diversity Awards

In recognition of the many inclusion and diversity initiatives pursued, Wesco has received several awards for its efforts and achievements.

  • Wesco was recognized as a member of the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.
  • In 2022 Wesco was named one of the 30 Best Companies to Work for Latinos.
  • Vibrant Pittsburgh named Wesco as one of only 11 Pittsburgh employers recognized for organizational progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2022.

Business Resource Group (BRG) Accomplishments

In 2022, the Inclusion and Diversity Council led the continued development of our five BRGs, engaging more than 2,200 employees across 40 countries at every level of the organization. These groups are offered globally and are open to all employees regardless of any aspect of their personal identity.


ABLE: Supporting employees with disabilities and allies

325 members in 13 countries

  • Launched the BRG
  • Attended DisabiltiyIN Conference
  • Attended the Pittsburgh Buddy Walk event in support of the Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh (DSAP), whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome and to support their families with our ongoing programming and free resources


MOSAIC: Supporting Black, Latino, Indigenous, people of color, employees and allies

626 members in 24 countries

  • Celebrated cultural events – Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Black History month, Juneteenth, Latino Heritage, Indigenous History month, Truth and Reconciliation Day
  • Second Annual Wesco Global Inclusion and Diversity Day Symposium
  • Supplier panel discussion and customer panel forums


PRIDE: Supporting equitable empowerment of the LGBTQ+ community and allies and promotes a safe, friendly environment for all

400 members in 18 countries

  • Hosted first ever Pride event at Wesco, which featured a full-day of educational programming, panels, keynote, and other speakers and events
  • Coffee chat series which offers an inclusive forum for thought sharing and community building
  • Hosted Trans Day of Visibility speaker


VOLT: Supporting the engagement of active military employees, veterans, and allies

520 members in 16 countries

  • Hired 170 veterans
  • Launched scholarship program for children of Wesco veterans
  • Raised money for the non-profit Desert Angel, an organization providing care packages to U.S. Service members overseas

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WIN: Supporting women in our organization and industry and allies

1,400 members in 40 countries

  • Hosted second annual International Women’s Day virtual event
  • Raised a combined total of $33,000 for various causes including breast cancer research, children with serious ongoing medical conditions, and Habitat for Humanity
  • Six bi-monthly networking session
  • Four professional development sessions

Wesco Cares

In 2022, we launched Wesco Cares, our new corporate philanthropy program focused on affordable housing and humanitarian aid. Wesco Cares provides for corporate charitable donations, employee volunteerism, and employee gift-matching.

Wesco Cares Habitat for Humanity volunteers

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Key Contributions From Wesco Cares in 2022

  • Employee donations of more than $35,000 to Ukraine relief efforts which Wesco matched
  • $50,000 contribution toward Hurricane Ian relief in addition to a company match of nearly $9,000 in employee contributions
  • More than $400,000 in donations toward our partnership with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor builds toward our 100 builds goal

Wesco Cares Build-a-Thon Group

Wesco Cares Build-a-Thon

In 2022, we kicked off our centennial year with the goal of 100 builds across the globe in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. We have achieved this goal with builds in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and other key markets, including women-only builds and builds in support of veteran families.

Wesco Cares Build-a-Thon

In 2022, we kicked off our centennial year with the goal of 100 builds across the globe in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. We have achieved this goal with builds in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and other key markets, including women-only builds and builds in support of veteran families.

Image credit: Jacques Durand


Continually Improving Our Environmental Management

We continually improve our environmental management by setting, meeting, and stretching toward new goals. Leveraging our learning into practices we adopt and then offering products and services to our customers.

We track data at the local and global level and review performance regularly to reduce our environmental impact in the following areas: energy, emissions, waste, and water.

Committed to Implementing Renewable Energy Sources


Community garden

In Chile

The office maintains an urban garden where pesticide-free food is grown for the consumption of employees. Garden maintenance has also promoted teamwork and healthy eating.

Employees recycled paper nationwide with the proceeds from the effort going to a foundation to help children in need of baby bottles.

Electronic recycling bin

In Australia

Offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney have installed bins for recycling of e-waste, allowing for safe and easy disposal of electronics.

Energy, Water, Waste, and Emissions

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A majority of the energy we use is for lighting, heating and cooling our nearly 800 branches, warehouses, and sales offices in more than 50 countries around the world.

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We track water usage at each of our locations and use the data to identify unusual consumption patterns that could indicate undetected leaks or excessive usage that requires intervention.

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In 2022, we developed regional relationships with recycling vendors that recycle non-traditional waste streams, specifically metal and wood.

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Many of the products we sell, such as solar systems and LED lighting, deliver or enable energy efficiency improvements.


Designed for the Dynamic Renewable Market

We help our customers and suppliers reduce operating costs, and minimize environmental impacts through lighting efficiency, energy management, renewable energy, and green procurement. We continue to invest in emerging technologies and expand our capabilities to remain an innovative leader and a forward-thinking resource to our customers.


Supplier Diversity Network

Our team hosted two Supplier Diversity Summits, a day of programming and networking to connect our diverse suppliers and resellers to our organizations. In 2022, we invited key customers to share their insights and experience with supplier diversity.

Government Partner Network

Our Wesco government team annually hosts a networking event for the Government Partner Network (GPN) members and key Wesco suppliers. The event allows members to connect with Wesco suppliers to discuss and explore government opportunities.


Our Reputation as a Fair, Honest, and Ethical Company

We promote an ethical culture across the organization and ensure that all Wesco directors, officers, employees, and third parties working on behalf of Wesco act and conduct business with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, comply with applicable laws, and adhere to company policies and procedures.

Board Demographic Highlights

*As of October 16, 2023


Diverse directors in terms of gender, race, or ethnicity


Female directors


Directors with diversity in terms of race


Audit, compensation, and nominating and governance committee independence

Building a Sustainable Future at Wesco