Corporate Responsibility

At Wesco, we promote responsible business practices at every level of the company and expect the same from our suppliers and business partners.

Corporate Governance, Guidelines, and Policies

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is demonstrated by our policies and programs that address topics such as anti-bribery and corruption, the protection of human rights and prevention of forced labor and human trafficking, fair labor principles, workplace safety, sustainability, environmental responsibility, supply chain transparency and compliance with laws that apply to us wherever we operate.

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Supplier Diversity

Holding ourselves to the utmost moral standards is a cornerstone of our business. Every partnership, transaction, and interaction is managed with integrity, fairness, and respect. To stay true to this philosophy, we require all employees to review and sign an annual Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. This helps them identify areas of potential conflict and offers guidance in recognizing and managing ethical issues.

Safety and Ethics

Safety remains a priority and a company-wide responsibility at Wesco. Our goal is to provide a safe work environment for our employees and all those who visit our facilities. Our education and awareness campaigns for employees include training for our branches and distribution centers, enhanced reporting and investigative tools, a monthly educational newsletter, and reinforced processes at the local branch level. We believe that every incident is preventable, so we strive to achieve a “zero harm” environment

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Sustainability and ESG

Wesco provides responsible solutions that support our customers’ growth and operational excellence. We do our part to protect the planet through our own corporate sustainability initiatives and by delivering world-class sustainability solutions for our customers.​ We aim to minimize the environmental impacts of our own operations and assist our customers and suppliers with achieving their sustainability goals through the products and services we provide.

Business Partner Compliance Program

Wesco has a zero-tolerance policy on bribery, improper payments or any other type of corrupt or unethical business practices in dealings with government officials or individuals in the private sector. This policy applies to all Wesco employees as well as our Business Partners.

Business Partners wishing to do business with Wesco are required to undergo a partner qualification and screening process and agree to comply with Wesco’s Business Partner Anticorruption Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct. More heightened screening of Business Partners that operate in a high-risk country or perform services for or on behalf of Wesco in a high-risk category may be performed.