Safety and Ethics

We are committed to maintaining an ethical, safe and environmentally sustainable culture.

These principles govern the way we do business. They help us maintain a culture that respects the safety and well-being of every employee and visitor at our locations. They inspire us to promote energy efficiency and waste reduction for ourselves and our customers.


Holding ourselves to the utmost moral standards is a cornerstone of our business. Every partnership, transaction and interaction is managed with integrity, fairness and respect. To stay true to this philosophy, we require all employees to review and sign an annual Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. This helps them identify areas of potential conflict and offers guidance in recognizing and managing ethical issues.

Read Wesco's statement on Global Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability

Code of business ethics employee in office.

Industry workers showing that safety is a priority in the workplace.


Safety remains a priority and a company wide responsibility at Wesco. Our goal is to provide a safe work environment for our employees and all those who visit our facilities. Our education and awareness campaigns for employees include training for our branches and distribution centers, enhanced reporting and investigative tools, a monthly educational newsletter and reinforced processes at the local branch level. We believe that every incident is preventable, so we strive to achieve a “zero harm” environment.

Continuous Improvement

Lean practice is a vital part of our daily culture. That’s why we consistently evaluate our processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

To foster positive changes across all aspects of our company, we require all employees to take Lean white belt training while offering them opportunities for further education. More than 750 employees are also trained and certified at the yellow, green, blue and black belt levels.

Employees using lean practices to improve processes in the workplace.

We practice continuous improvement through Kaizen events that provide our team with in-depth experience in using Lean practices and principles. By enhancing our education and skills, we’re better equipped to apply Lean within and outside of our organization.

Our customers are seeing the benefits. Our Lean practice helps us amplify their operations and provide solutions that could positively influence their bottom line. If the introduction of a simple process change adds value to their business, we’ve done our job.

Environmental, Social and Governance

The success of our company is driven by the strength of our team. We strive to create an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


Giving back to our communities is an essential part of who we are. Every year, we are humbled by our employees’ generosity. Their charitable works range from mentoring and education to hosting toy drives and donating food and personal care items to those in need.