Supplier Diversity

Wesco is committed to leading and driving socio-economic growth through Supplier Diversity and promoting the participation of minority-, women-, aboriginal-, people with disabilities-, veteran-, service-disabled veteran, and LGBTQ-owned enterprises in our distribution business.

Wesco is committed to promoting the participation of Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE) and Federal Government Small Business Administration (SBA) defined businesses in our distribution business. We increase company value working with certified DBE and SBA businesses through purchasing or reselling opportunities, participating in teaming arrangements and subcontracting whenever practical. We are equally committed to growing our diverse vendor network. We strive to strengthen our supplier diversity engagements to contribute to the economic growth and expansion in the communities we serve.

Guiding Principles

Supply chain industrial streamlined solutions.

Strengthen our diversity supplier community economically.

Offer diverse businesses an opportunity to compete.

Offer DBEs and SBA defined businesses an opportunity to compete on an equal basis.

Warehouse supply chain demand from customers for value-added diversity partners.

Support the demand from customers for value-added and third-party certified diversity partners.

Employees building authentic and engaging culture of inclusion.

Focus on building an authentic and engaging culture of inclusion and diversity.

Our Solutions

Our solutions thrive on supplier diversity growth through innovation by introducing new products, driving competition resulting in savings, and through a channel that extends sales reach. 

We recognize the benefits that a network of diverse businesses bring to the communities we serve, customers we supply, and the enterprises we maintain. As a world-class organization, we have prioritized this initiative to help strengthen economic growth in the communities we support.


Diversity Alliance Network

Wesco’s Diversity Alliance partners provide customers with a direct procurement solution. A network of trusted and vetted third-party certified companies aligned to Wesco’s sales teams. They provide value-added solutions, along with access to Wesco’s 1.5M products to help customers meet diversity goals.

Diverse Supplier Network

Wesco partners with diverse suppliers to enhance our supply chain. Our program creates growth opportunities for suppliers and creates a Tier 2 diversity solution for our customers. Meaning when a customer has a diversity spend requirement, we work to find the right suppliers to fulfill their needs.

 Both Wesco models are permissible under the law, and the customer may take a DBE credit.

Contact us to learn more about our supplier diversity solutions.

Wesco is committed to the development of diverse-owned enterprises.

Wesco is a corporate member of the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC), a national network of more than 1,500 of America’s top companies as well as universities, hospitals, and other institutions with supply-chain needs. The NMSDC’s mission is to connect corporate members with qualified minority-owned suppliers of all sizes – Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) – that meet a high standard of excellence.

Our membership drives awareness to Wesco supplier diversity solutions through networking opportunities and by giving us access to an online database of MBEs. We are excited to embrace cultural diversity and commit to working with suppliers that support initiatives our customers require; add value to the communities in which we conduct business; and strengthen our corporate citizenship and partner with minority-owned businesses.

We’re also proud to announce that we have joined the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business to expand our supplier diversity growth efforts and provide procurement opportunities to Indigenous businesses in Canada. The program ensures that 51% owned Aboriginal and controlled businesses can be easily identified by industry segments, government and other organizations looking to grow their diversity spend.

Disability:IN Logo

Wesco is a proud partner of Disability:IN, the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Wesco supports its mission of advancing inclusion in the workplace and is excited to join the Disability:IN family along with 400+ corporate partners. Our collective goal is to expand opportunities and create positive change for people with disabilities by empowering businesses to achieve disability inclusion and equality.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About supplier diversity at Wesco

Wesco is NOT a diverse or small supplier.

Wesco does NOT have any diversity certificates.

Wesco recognizes the business benefits and competitive advantages derived from fostering diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our operations, including customer engagement, employee involvement, community outreach, supplier relationships and other sustainability endeavors. Our commitment to these core values underscores the critical importance of Supplier Diversity within Wesco.

No, Wesco does not guarantee business to any supplier.  Wesco is committed to providing an opportunity for diverse suppliers to compete and provide value-added solutions, services, and innovative products.

Wesco works with best-in-class diverse suppliers who provide unmatched products and services in the following categories:

  • Power and Cooling
  • Professional A/V
  • Data Center/Communications
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • MRO
  • Pole line Hardware
  • Electrical Wire & Cable
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Lighting
  • Electrical/Electronic Wire & Cable
  • Examples can include:  low voltage installers, electrical contractors, or vendor managed inventory just to name a few

Additionally, Wesco has the following customer solutions available:

  • Diversity Alliance Network
    Wesco’s Diversity Alliance partners provide customers with an alternate sales channel. A network of trusted and vetted third-party certified value-added companies with access to 1.5M products and aligned to Wesco’s sales teams.
  • Diverse Supplier Network
    Wesco partners with diverse suppliers to enhance our supply chain. Our program creates growth opportunities for suppliers and creates a Tier 2 diversity solution for our customers.

All Wesco suppliers must complete the onboarding process into the Wesco system. Additionally, Wesco's policy mandates that Disadvantaged Business Entities (DBEs) with whom we collaborate must meet the following criteria:

(A) Ownership and Control: DBEs must be majority-owned, operated, and controlled by individuals of the relevant identity category/categories:

1. Minority-, Women-, Aboriginal-, People with Disabilities-, LGBTQ-, Veteran-, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned

(B) Commercially Useful Function: DBEs with service contracts must perform the services they are compensated for. DBEs with product contracts must perform essential functions, including negotiating prices, providing product advice, issuing customer quotes, processing customer orders, managing supplier relationships, and handling payment for materials.

(C) Legal and Contractual Compliance: DBEs must adhere to all legal and contractual obligations, including those of government and private end-users.

It's important to note that all pass-through transactions are strictly prohibited. In this context, a "pass-through transaction" refers to a transaction in which the DBE is not actively engaged in a commercially useful function.

As opportunities arise, the Supplier Diversity Team will first review current Wesco diverse suppliers and strategic Diversity Alliance partners.

If our current suppliers or Diversity Alliance partners do not meet the specified criteria, we will connect with advocacy organizations to identify qualified diverse partners.

In addition, we will utilize other communication channels as they are available to continue to expand Wesco’s Supplier Diversity solutions.

Diverse supplier certification

Certification is a process managed by a third party to determine that a business is diverse.  Wesco encourages diverse suppliers to get certified by relevant organizations.  Wesco maintains corporate membership lists for your reference of diversity advocacy organizations that may be helpful to you.  Wesco does not require suppliers to register with any specific organization. 

While certification is not a requirement to do business with us, we encourage diverse suppliers to be certified by a relevant organization for access to greater opportunities.  For businesses that do not hold a certification, a self-certification affidavit is required to be completed.

Wesco does not require diverse suppliers to register with any specific organization.  We welcome all certifications and diverse suppliers who are interested in doing business with Wesco.  

If you have a variety of certifications, please make sure to communicate that as opportunities arise across the U.S..

Contact Wesco Supplier Diversity

A member of the Supplier Diversity Team will respond to your message within 7-10 business days.

Wesco is a proud supporter of the Diverse Supplier Grant Initiative, sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Wesco has donated $25,000 to the Diverse Supplier Grant Initiative to support diverse business owners and contribute to their success.

Learn more about this program.