Renewable Energy

With each innovation, our economy becomes more digital. At the core of this digitalization is electricity and the need for more reliable, resilient and sustainable power.

Energy Transformation: Greener solutions for a better tomorrow.

Wesco is committed to delivering sustainability solutions today for a cleaner and more profitable tomorrow. Change is accelerating and businesses across the world recognize the immense impact of rising global temperatures. In step with global policies, the public and private sector is responding. Wesco is your strategic partner to help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals, drive efficiencies and results, while reducing your operational expenses.

Take Control of Your Energy

Lock in predictable energy costs over the long-term and gain consistent power quality. Energy solutions can improve your time to power as you expand your business.

Reduce Outage Risk

Help protect your facilities against planned or unplanned grid outages and extreme weather disruptions.

Advance Sustainability Targets

Alternatives to generate clean, reliable power for an electrified world and helps businesses navigate the energy transition. With the ability to have a future-proof and fuel-flexible platform accelerates your sustainability roadmap.

Wesco is uniquely positioned to provide the critical infrastructure products, know-how and solutions that enable the technologies of tomorrow. We are tenacious in our pursuit to build, connect, power, and protect the world while creating a more sustainable future.

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At Wesco, we partner with the world’s industry-leading providers of solar products and solutions, including manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, inverters, racking, balance of systems (BOS) and energy storage. These partnerships, along with our unique supply chain value proposition, have made us a vendor of choice for residential and commercial contractors, installers and utilities.  

Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage is the ability to capture energy at one time to use later. The U.S. energy storage market is growing at a rapid rate. In 2020, the market surpassed $1.5 billion and is expected to become an $8.9 billion annual market by 2026.1 With this significant growth, it’s important that contractors understand what energy storage is, why it’s important, what problems it’s solving, and what opportunities there are to leverage energy storage.

By adding storage to your solar project, you can save excess solar energy for when electricity costs are highest. Solar energy production typically peaks in the middle of the day, when the sun is brightest and energy costs are lowest. Businesses that rely on solar energy alone are thus still exposed to high demand charges or peak time-of-use costs that often occur later in the afternoon or evening when solar energy production drops. Storage can discharge stored solar energy during peak times when solar production is low. This substantially increases total project savings, increasing the value of your solar asset.

When it comes to modeling energy storage projects, Wesco customers can work with their representatives to find the right solution for your needs.

1 Global EV Outlook 2022, May 2022,

EV Charging Solutions

Creating a More Sustainable Future

The electrification of transportation will lead to a steep rise in electric vehicle energy consumption. EVs will hit global annual sales of 14 million in 2025, up more than fourfold from 2020. By 2040, more than half of global passenger car sales may be EVs.

With electric vehicle demand continuing to expand, charging equipment manufacturers, automakers, utilities, municipalities and government agencies are rapidly establishing a national network of charging infrastructure.

Smart Metering

Smart metering provides a highly scalable, low-cost energy monitoring platform to generate actionable insights for building optimization targeted at enterprise-wide savings.





The microgrid platform enables your organization to hedge against price volatility and price escalation by fixing a large portion of your electricity cost and is modular to scale as your business and demand for power grows.

Benefits of Microgrid

  • Creates a reliable, safe space for communities

  • Safeguards business operations and the bottom line

  • Contributes to grid hardening by alleviating pressure on centralized infrastructure

Building Health Enhancements

UV disinfection, bipolar ionization and biometrics offer facility professionals a cost-effective way to go beyond traditional disinfection and monitoring methods to help ensure a safer and healthier environment for all those that use their space. Wesco Energy Solutions is ready to help you run your business with confidence and ensure the comfort of your employees and customers

Why select Wesco Energy Solutions for this critical health and safety project? Ultraviolet disinfection, bipolar ionization and biometric screening are not solutions we learned about in 2020. Wesco has been working with these technologies for many years. We understand the safety profiles of ultraviolet light and how to incorporate it into your facility to maximize pathogen mitigation.

Benefits of Disinfection

  • Non-toxic and safe for use across many applications when used correctly

  • Helps reduce a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses

  • Bacteria do not build immunity to UV and bipolar ionization like they can to common cleaning products

  • Fixtures can easily be added to current lighting systems

  • Fixtures are programmable to customize running times for maximum cleaning

  • Offers affordable and reliable options to meet any budget and space requirements

  • HVAC disinfection systems ensure that both interior and exterior air circulated through the building have been treated to reduce viruses and bacteria.

Compressed Air Optimization

Compressed air is one of the most expensive systems in an industrial plant. Too often, the efficiency of compressed air systems is ignored. The greatest efficiency gains occur by examining both the supply and demand sides of the system. Leaks and worn-out parts place tremendous strain on equipment resulting in over-work and shortening life span. As manufacturing facilities expand and upgrade, compressed air systems are seldom optimized like other manufacturing equipment. Wesco Energy Solutions can audit your systems to ensure they are running properly and support you in any enhancements.

Helping clients monitor and measure compressed air systems allows them to understand their cost of operation. This allows us to optimize systems such as improving compressor and dryer controls, add storage receivers, lower compressed air pressure, improve air treatment efficiency, upgrade facility piping, and much more. These measures save a tremendous amount of energy and increase the life of the equipment.

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Renewable Services

Supply Chain Services

Many companies are challenged to stay focused on their core strategy when supply chain issues overwhelm their operations and administration. When your company invests too much time managing the supply chain, it can take away from time spent on business strategy.

Wesco helps manage your supply chain by leveraging our deep supplier relationships, utilizing multiple distribution resources, building assemblies for your production floor, and engaging our knowledgeable team. When your employees are not investing valuable time on supply chain logistics, they can focus on the core competencies of your business.

Wesco was included in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2021 Top Supply Chain Projects award.

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Direct Pay Financing Options

Wesco partners with GoodLeap to identify the best financing method to achieve your customer’s financial goals in the residential solar market. GoodLeap is a sustainable home solutions marketplace providing simple, fast and frictionless technology to customers who want solar solutions for their homes. Have GoodLeap coordinate your equipment payments.

  • Unleash more capital by utilizing Wesco’s direct pay

  • Expand your market with flexible payment options from GoodLeap, offering greater financing amounts

  • Quick turnaround with high approval rates and co-borrower

  • Convenient mobile application

  • Equipment delivered on site with no out-of-pocket expenses

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