Wesco’s customer-centered approach provides you with a dedicated education team, focused entirely on higher education and K-12 markets to serve your unique needs.  

Education facilities are evolving to cater to changes in technology and student behavior by offering new opportunities for improved onsite and virtual learning outcomes. Equally important elements include enhancing campus safety, optimizing energy efficiency and controlling costs. Our expertise and insights will help support you with tailored, tangible solutions that promote more productive operations. 

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Education Solutions for Your Campus

Wesco provides innovative solutions for anywhere on your campus, including athletic facilities, auditoriums, classrooms, data centers, dining halls, dormitories, libraries, office spaces and outdoor areas.

Our customers include K-12 school districts, public and private colleges and universities, as well as higher education medical centers.

Five Focus Areas to Improve Campus Interoperability

Schools are expected to keep students safe, focused and supported. Enhanced security in response to increasing health and safety concerns, is an additional challenge for educators while keeping students engaged in the classroom. 

By addressing the foundations of campus interoperability, you can build security system convergences, agility for budgets, scalability for demand and flexibility for technology choices. This approach focuses on five key technology areas and integrates innovative solutions to meet your assessment and deployment needs.

Risk Management

Higher education facilities contain complex areas that require special attention and integration into an overall risk management strategy. A 24/7 crime prevention and public safety strategy is crucial to proactively maintain a safe and secure environment.

Space Utilization

There is an increased demand for multipurpose areas that can be configured for different activities and controlled for comfort, safety and efficiency. Flexible facilities enhance the productivity of students as well as faculty and staff.

Network Performance

A high-performance structured cabling system plays an essential role in operating a modern campus environment, including new learning models, wireless connectivity and increased bandwidth requirements.

IoT Enablement

Enabling the internet of things on campus allows you to analyze your environment and make real-time adjustments to improve productivity and efficiency.

Student Experience

Adequate bandwidth and wireless coverage is needed to support the new ways people consume information, mobile device dependency and innovative learning environments.

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)

Wesco is a Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) corporate partner. PASS offers the most comprehensive information available on best practices for securing school facilities vetted by experts in the education, public safety, and industry sectors.

Wesco security experts can help you navigate the PASS Guidelines while providing safety and security solutions that protect your school.


Professional A/V Solutions for Higher Education and K-12

Pro A/V solutions are key to a smart, connected campus.

  • Amplifiers and DSPs
  • Collaboration and conferencing
  • Controllers, automation and monitoring
  • Displays and projectors
  • Furniture
  • Intercoms
  • Kiosks
  • Mass notification and public address
  • Microphones
  • Mounts, carts, stands and screens
  • Phones and emergency communications
  • Sound masking
  • Speakers and horns
  • Video signal processing systems

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Locking Solutions Team

Our dedicated locking solutions team, physical security experts, and industry-leading supplier partners can introduce you to new solutions and help you assess vulnerabilities. Whether you are rekeying a facility, replacing hardware, improving key control or retrofitting for touchless access, we can make valuable recommendations for creating a safe and healthy learning environment.

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