Empowering Education: Revolutionizing IT Support for Seamless Campus Connectivity

Both staff and students on college campuses rely heavily on technology and the internet for deeper levels of learning, research, and overall communication. As learning environments have shifted to hybrid and online models, technology is more important in the classroom now than ever before. To create a productive online learning environment, it is crucial to maintain a seamless IT network free of downtime and security risks.

The community college’s IT support staff faces constraints due to an increasing workload and the need to manage an extensive IT infrastructure spread across multiple campuses. This IT team is responsible for maintaining a large-scale network, communications systems, and supporting the entire community college system. Due to limited resources, and an aging infrastructure, the team struggled with issues such as downtime, lack of visibility into UPS systems, and reactive maintenance.

APC Provides Extensive IT Solutions for Any Demand

The customer’s primary goal is to improve the effectiveness of IT staff and enhance the uptime of the network wiring closets. This efficiency upgrade is crucial for maintaining seamless access to educational resources, especially as learning environments are transitioning online. By implementing 120 APC Smart-UPS power protection devices, plus the combination of the EcoStruxure™ and EcoCare services, the community college was able to gain complete campus connectivity.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ IT Expert provides 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting and automated problem detection. When a UPS issue occurs across any of the 120 wiring locations, an alarm is sent to the Connected Services Hub at Schneider Electric, where next-day service is provided if needed. The Smart-UPS installed in the wiring closets are equipped with network cards that can perform a remote reboot of any of the attached networking systems.

Proof of Performance

The implemented solution not only generated cost savings by avoiding additional hiring, but also enriched the educational environment by reducing downtime and enabling IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. The modernization of the IT network contributed to operational efficiency and an enhanced educational experience for the entire campus community.

  • Improved network reliability
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and problem detection services
  • Reliable network support and increased staff productivity


Community college


  • Increased workload
  • Limited resources and infrastructure
  • Increased downtime with delayed maintenance response
  • Lack of visibility into UPS systems


  • APC Smart-UPS Ultra 3kW
  • Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ IT and EcoCare memberships


  • Better network management and decreased downtime
  • Cost savings due to operational efficiencies and staff task prioritization
  • Enhanced modernization of the IT network for both staff and students

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