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Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges in Plant Floor Digitization

More devices are connected to the internet than ever, which increases their security risk. Developing a robust cybersecurity plan based on established principles can help mitigate some concerns.

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution is well underway. From small manufacturers to global powerhouses, industrial businesses are coming to understand the power and potential of connected devices and systems. According to a 2021 report from Microsoft, 90% of organizations cited the adoption of IoT as a critical element for success in manufacturing. From operational efficiency to safety, cost containment to productivity, IoT has the potential to deliver positive outcomes in an industrial market where margins are historically razor thin.

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This article was originally published in December 2023 by Plant Engineering. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Scott Dowell


Scott Dowell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the U.S. Industrial and CIG business, Wesco
Scott Dowell is Senior Vice President and General Manager of the U.S. Industrial and CIG business for Wesco. In his current role, Scott is responsible for leading the strategy, execution and growth of our industrial, automation, institutional and government end users across the U.S. Scott has over 25 years of experience in distribution and joined Wesco in 2007 to lead a strategic accounts team within the utility business. Since joining the company, he has held multiple sales and leadership roles, most recently leading Global Accounts for legacy Wesco before the acquisition of Anixter.

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