School District Uses Smart Sensors to Reduce Student Vaping

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A charter school district in California began experiencing a high rate of vaping among their middle school and high school students. The administrators knew finding the right vape detection system for their facilities was important. They began looking for a multi-purpose security solution that could be used in bathrooms and other areas not covered by surveillance cameras.

After researching various vape detection sensors, one stood out from the crowd: IPVideo Corporation’s HALO IoT Smart Sensor. The versatility of the sensor and its additional applications – including air quality monitoring, gunshot detection, and masking capabilities –  made it an ideal solution. One of the main reasons the school district selected HALO was to have the ability to utilize it for other applications in the future.

The school district began implementing HALO sensors in their middle and high school buildings in the summer of 2022. Since going live, the sensors have triggered numerous alerts to the school staff when vaping is detected on campus. This has allowed for immediate corrective action and discouraged students from vaping on campus. The schools are now equipped to effectively manage vape detection and decrease vaping incidents.

HALO Smart Sensors Can Do More Than Reduce Vaping

The HALO Smart Sensor is a multifunctional health, safety, and vape detection device that allows users to monitor health and safety data within their buildings. This comprehensive solution is beneficial in a variety of settings, including campuses, healthcare facilities, offices, and public venues. IPVideo Corporation continues to innovate to make HALO Smart Sensor the best IoT solution for vape prevention and health and safety monitoring in buildings globally. The features and benefits of HALO are numerous:

Features available with HALO 3C
  • Vaping and THC vape detection
  • Spoken keyword detection for emergency assistance
  • Gunshot, chemical, and raised voice alerts (aggression detection)
  • Incident email or text alerts
  • Integrates with major VMS, access control, and emergency apps
  • Emergency escape and alert lighting
  • Optional people counting, motion, and occupancy detection

Benefits of HALO 3C
  • Can be used in areas with privacy concerns (bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.)
  • Multi-sensor technology is capable of security, air quality, health, and safety applications
  • HALO Cloud and HALO Cloud App supports push notifications (alerts, panic trigger, and air quality)
  • Easy surface mount installation

Proof of Performance  

The school district has significantly decreased incidents of vaping and other unhealthy behaviors on campus, creating a healthier learning environment for students and staff. HALO has also reduced loitering in restrooms and areas out of camera view. School administrators are now exploring turning on other services that are available to them through the multi-sensor device and application.


Charter School District


  • Nicotine and THC vaping in high schools and middle schools
  • Vaping in bathrooms and other areas out of camera view
  • Must adhere to regulations on personally identifiable information (non-PII)


  • HALO 3C Smart Sensor and application


  • Reduced loitering in restrooms and areas out of camera view
  • Healthier environment for students and staff
  • Deterrence of unhealthy choices on school grounds
  • Real-time alerting enables immediate intervention

IPVideo Corporation’s HALO IoT Smart Sensor
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