Maximize Power Density With The South Face Solar Racking System

Image provided by K2 Systems.

K2 Systems and Wesco are excited to announce the launch of The South Face, K2’s new commercial ballasted system. This new solar racking system offers maximum design flexibility, higher power density, reduced thermal expansion and a wider clamping area to safely accommodate larger commercial modules.

Traditional commercial solar racking systems can only accommodate landscape-oriented modules on flat commercial roofs. This limits installation options and can underutilize a roof’s surface capacity. In addition, these racking systems offer only fixed spacing between rows. While wider interrow spacing is desirable in northern latitudes, a fixed design wastes valuable roof space and decreases system power density in southern and desert regions.

Image provided by K2 Systems.

The South Face is one of the few ballasted racking systems that supports solar module installation in either portrait or landscape orientation. This flexible design features a single middle chassis (ridge), which allows for interrow spacing of 8” to 18”. This adjustability lets installers customize the spacing between module rows, depending on the project size, location, and roof obstructions. The difference in overall power density between maximum and minimum allowable spacing can be up to 25%.

The South Face system also maximizes the roof space available for your project. Racking systems can stick out in the front and the rear of an array perimeter, using up valuable roof space and interfering with fire setback requirements. The South Face has optional custom front and rear chassis that minimize the project’s overall footprint and make for a professional-looking solar installation. This unique design element increases the power density of your project and lowers your customer’s electricity bill.

Preassembled roof mats are included as part of The South Face system. These patented roof mats protect your customers’ roof and feature vibration and thermal expansion reduction technology. This prevents solar arrays from crawling or moving across the roof over time due to wind vibration, seismic activity, or thermal expansion. All chassis profiles ship with required roof mats already installed, reducing overall project installation time.

Image provided by K2 Systems.

K2 and Wesco will be ready to ship The South Face commercial system in early 2023. Please contact us at for component pricing, project quotes, or to find out how we can optimize your next commercial solar project.

Jared Meyer

BY K2 Systems

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