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Integration and Easy Network Video Recorder Installations

An Overview for Cameras, Servers and Video Management System (VMS) Software.

Video surveillance systems have become a critical part of security systems in commercial and residential applications. Choosing the right cameras, servers and software can be overwhelming for an integrator. Having a single solution that can be used for an array of projects will make the installation process easier and more efficient.

What is a PoE NVR?

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) camera system is made up of three pieces – cameras, the recorder or server and network software. Cameras are installed to capture live video and images, which are connected to the NVR server. The NVR is powered with a software that allows the user to view video on either a desktop or mobile device.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) means that the cameras operating on your NVR system are powered and connected through a single ethernet cable.

The Benefits of an NVR Camera System

Technology has come a long way. Historically, surveillance cameras in the analog era ran on video cassettes and VCRs. Tapes needed to be reviewed and replaced manually. Today, the NVR system can connect and be hosted both locally and in the cloud.

Commercial and Residential Applications

While NVR systems have been a mainstay in the commercial and enterprise space, larger residential applications have been on the rise. With many multi dwelling units (MDU) or multifamily complexes, the need for common space cameras is expanding. Property managers need to monitor and secure common space areas including the clubhouse, parking lots and exercise rooms with a robust camera solution and the ability to record and backlog video.

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Installation and Integration

Finding the three key elements needed to build out a multi-camera surveillance system can be a challenge. Specific cameras work with specific NVRs, and not all have a software to run it.

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