Leading Oil Field Provider Maximizes Production with Assembled Electrical Solutions


A large provider of oil field products and services needed assistance with the design and build for the next generation of pump trucks. Due to a system with limited resources, high labor costs, and time inefficiencies, the company leaned on Wesco OEM through a long-time supplier partnership to assist.


The oilfield service provider required a custom design and solution that could provide multiple control panels on board this new product. These control panels would allow them to maximize data acquisition and consolidate incoming vital communication cables to maximize time and gather critical data at field site locations. The solution included working with a local integrator panel shop, a strategic Wesco partner, that would help design with this customer’s engineering and produce two customized control panels full of core Wesco OEM products for a fully completed automated solution to help streamline product deployment.


  • Reduced downtime in the oil field, resulting in upwards of $100,000 in costs per day.
  • Nex-Gen Control Box technology that has the flexibility to be upgraded and revised as needed.
  • Saved the customer thousands of dollars in design, build time, and a solution that maximizes production output


The oil field service provider's new multi-control panel system is allowing them to capture critical data, streamline production, implement plug-and-play installation, and help with field serviceability and communication, which allows them to maximize revenue and prevent downtime in the field. The successful outcome of this project provided the oilfield service provider with a solution that provided them with a product from the design phase to the turnkey solution. Ultimately this allowed them to improve overall production time in the field. In addition, it provided an option for this next-gen product to be fully deployed with upgradable options for automation expansion, exceeding their original expectations of what this product could offer them and their customers.

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