Customer Accomplishes Environmental Goals with Wesco


Wesco Energy Solutions worked with a multi-national food company at one of their Georgia locations to install an LED lighting upgrade. This facility serves as a dry and refrigerated warehouse and distribution center. As one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, this customer takes an active approach to help ensure that they deliver growth financially year over year, while caring for the environment and communities where they live and work. LED retrofits were identified as an excellent solution for dated facilities to improve lighting and safety, reduce maintenance, and achieve a quick payback.


After completing an audit of this 969+ square foot facility, the team identified interior High Bays and exterior fixtures that needed to be replaced. Our team sourced and installed the latest in LED High Bays, maximizing future savings and reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.


After the lighting upgrade, the customer had a significant reduction in energy usage and emissions, resulting in lower energy costs and a minimized carbon footprint. Overall, the customer achieved an investment payback of 1.43 years.


Multi-national food company

Needed to upgrade facility’s dated lighting system

New exterior fixtures and interior high bay LED retrofits


  • Demand reduction 433.6 k
  • 4,405,108 kWh reduction
  • Energy reduction equivalent to:
    • Planting 2,549 trees
    • Removing 655 cars from the roads
    • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3,109,180 kg CO2e

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