New Solar Site for Top Electrical Contractor


Wesco has a long-standing relationship with a top electrical contractor. Our history of labor-savings solutions won us the $4M bid for a new solar site 1.5 hours south of Houston, TX.


Wesco developed a unique solution to install the Direct Current Feeder cables. Cables were cut to exact length onto our proprietary Solar Insta-Reels. Pre-installed pulling heads were mounted on each conductor. Sixteen solar reels on a flatbed trailer allowed for all cables to be pulled simultaneously directly from the trailer.


Bringing all the key stakeholders together allowed us to assess the full range of challenges from network threats to navigating the many cybersecurity technologies. We were able to methodically address these challenges to implement a control that secured the network to minimize loss of production and downtime in the event of a cyber threat. The solution was selected due to its robust nature, integration compatibility and ease of use, which allowed the manufacturer’s IT team to:

  • Largest solar field built in the USA
  • 630 MW over 13 miles
  • 40% reduction in labor
  • Feeder installation portion is 2 months ahead of schedule
  • Opened upfuture solar projects and supply chain opportunities.