Property Management Company Achieves 40% in Energy Savings

Customer: A Real Estate and Supply Chain Logistics Company



One of the world’s largest industrial real estate companies, made it a priority to establish LED lighting as the standard for its facilities across the globe. As part of its program goals, they wanted to deliver better light at a lower cost and achieve a safer and more productive work environment for customers and employees.

This company chose to partner with Wesco due to our industry-leading design and development capabilities, as well as our global installation and operational capacity. 


The project encompassed 1,434 sites, totaling 84.3 million sq. ft. of space. Each location received a site survey, custom design, product specifications, photometric and energy calculations based on client requirements. The Wesco team handled all material logistics, installation, project management, and full rebate  analysis, submittal and processing.


  • Energy savings per site typically exceed 40-50%.
  • Helped to meet sustainability goals while lower operating costs.
  • Saved countless hours coordinating efforts though one solution provider - Wesco.