Electrical Contractor Saves 20% on Massive Multi-Tower Construction Project

Learn how one electrical contractor benefitted from a product supply and logistics solution from Wesco.


An electrical contractor in British Columbia specializing in design-build construction approached Wesco regarding support for 15 upcoming projects comprising 30 residential towers across the Greater Vancouver area. The customer’s challenge was to secure a reliable supplier for wiring devices, including a substantial quantity of USB receptacles while also being faced with limited onsite storage space at various locations. The goal was to find a partner that could ensure stock and supply capabilities locally over the course of two to three years.


Wesco specialists were able to work directly with the customer’s senior management to discuss how we could provide the necessary services and support throughout the project duration. Wesco presented a collaborative approach focused on streamlining the project management with a simplified procurement process, guaranteed product availability and an improved delivery strategy for each job site including our value-added services such as consolidation, staging, kitting and labeling.

Wesco’s manufacturer partners helped ensure that all necessary wiring devices were available and, following our recommendation, the customer opted to utilize Legrand’s latest tamper-resistant A/C USB receptacles. The USB receptacles featured a patented shutter system, providing safe and efficient charging with a robust capability and smart current-sharing technology from a trusted brand.

The focus on understanding the full scope of the project and its unique needs meant Wesco specialists were able to develop a customized solution that would support the client when and where they would need it.


Through direct and open communication between Wesco specialists and the customer, we successfully implemented an all-in-one product supply and logistics solution. Through the consolidation of the various jobsites into a single project focus, the order process and access to specified products were simplified. Further, the partnership resulted in a comprehensive product solution that fulfilled the USB receptacle needs for all 30 sites. This product-centric approach enabled the client to secure favorable product supply for future orders related to the project, resulting in 20% cost savings.


  • Project execution plan helped ensure the right material shipped to optimize labor
  • Locked in product supply for the life of the project and secured 20% in cost savings
  • Long-term project completed on time and under budget

Legrand USB Receptacle

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