Wesco Works with a Modular Builder to Support Long-term Success


Arris Holdings Corp. is a multi-family modular builder founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. They are vertically integrated meaning that they are the manufacturer, developer, and general contractor, and they hold all apartment projects in-house. Their initial project was in North Carolina but now has spread across the entire southeast. This year, they are on pace for 800 units. Their president has a great vision for the industry and challenged employees to forget everything that they knew about construction to reinvent the product development process. He believes that building 1,000 units is possible in the upcoming year by rescaling their business.


From the very beginning of their relationship, Wesco proved that they were much more than just an electrical distribution partner. Rather, Wesco is a major strategic supplier that enabled Arris to obtain the depth and breadth of construction materials needed to complete their project. Arris was able to purchase electrical and plumbing products – even during COVID – to keep the production line moving.

Wesco’s sales representative is a key player in the Arris product process. During regular visits to the production line and purchasing department, he checks for quality issues and helps ensure that products are working as intended.

Arris operates in another unique way: they don’t build by project. They have a standardized inventory of “boxes” that they strategically hold, with regard to how and where they will be used. They build specific units for five or six weeks before moving on to the next unit. When a project is sold, they apply for permits and begin shipping inventory as quickly as the permits are approved. This creates a faster delivery process.


Arris’ President is forward-thinking in charting the future of his company:

  • He has identified his production goal for the coming year and beyond
  • He has engaged an innovative supply chain solutions partner that supports his goals and anticipates his needs
  • Together, Arris and Wesco designed a process to support short-term goals and a vision for long-term success

"There are a lot of vendors that can provide the product, but when you work with one that actually works with you and brings you ideas to continually improve your product, that is what you look for…that’s what we get with Wesco. They do a really good job of it.” Andy Miller, Vice President, Arris Holdings Corp.


  • Arris’ vision of construction as a product powered by technology to deliver residential communities with speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness is unprecedented within their industry
  • Wesco supports this customer’s vision and anticipates its needs with regular visits
  • Together, Arris and Wesco designed a process to support short-term goals and a vision for long-term success

Project Deployment

Project Deployment

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