Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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WESCO International, Inc. (WESCO) is a publicly-traded, Fortune 500 holding company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a leading provider of electrical, industrial, and communications maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) products, construction materials, and advanced supply chain management and logistic services. 2018 annual sales were approximately $8.2 billion. The company employs approximately 9,100 people, maintains relationships with nearly 30,000 suppliers, and serves approximately 70,000 active customers worldwide.

Customers include commercial and industrial businesses, contractors, government agencies, institutions, telecommunications providers, and utilities. WESCO operates 10 fully automated distribution centres and approximately 500 branches in North America and international markets, providing a local presence for customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations.

Our supply chains

We purchase products from a diverse group of approximately 30,000 suppliers who are located predominantly in North America but manufacture products around the world. The main product categories we source are:

  • General Supplies
  • Communications and Security
  • Wire, Cable and Conduit
  • Lighting and Sustainability
  • Electrical Distribution and Controls
  • Automation, Controls and Motors


Policies, ethics, compliance and modern slavery

WESCO is committed to operating in an ethically and socially responsible manner. Through our Ethics and Compliance Program, we promote an ethical culture across the organization and ensure that our employees act with integrity, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and adhere to company policies and procedures in all business operations and practices. It is the responsibility of the senior vice president and chief financial officer, with support from our internal Ethics Committee, to enforce the program and its various components. These include:

  • Code of Business Ethics and Conduct;
  • Global Anti-Corruption Policy;
  • Human Rights Policy;
  • Internal Audit Program;
  • Whistleblower Policy;
  • Tele-Tip Hotline Program; and
  • Anti-Fraud Program.


We also hold our suppliers to our high ethical standards. In 2016, we released a Supplier Code of Conduct that sets forth our global expectations in a variety of areas, including forced labour, human rights and business ethics and integrity.

Code of business ethics and conduct

We are guided by our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct when conducting any business matters. Each employee is required to act with integrity and use proper judgment in any given situation. Compliance with the code is certified annually by every employee to sustain a culture of honesty, accountability, and compliance, and to identify potential risk areas.

Human rights at WESCO

The way in which we conduct business is as important as the products and services that we provide. We are committed to ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and we comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other employment standards wherever we operate or work. Many of our standard practices are embedded in our Human Rights Policy and are conveyed to our employees through training and annual reaffirmation statements. Our confidential Tele-Tip Hotline is available for employees and all stakeholders to report suspected human rights violations within our operations and those of our suppliers.

As part of our human rights policy WESCO will not employ anyone younger than the minimum age established by local jurisdiction. WESCO will not allow imprisoned, indentured, bonded, enslaved, or any other types of forced labour in its operations. WESCO does not tolerate, engage in, or support the use of corporal punishment, threats of violence, or other forms of mental or physical coercion.


All our employees are trained to comply with our ethics policy through a combination of online and in situ training.

Our effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking

In 2016, we released an updated Supplier Code of Conduct that sets forth our expectations in the areas of human rights, health and safety, environmental responsibility, and business ethics and integrity. We expect every supplier to adhere to the code in all of their operations, wherever in the world they may be located. To help us evaluate performance against the code and better understand the sustainability of, and risks in, our supply chain, we collaborated with customers, suppliers, and industry experts to develop a 60-question supplier sustainability survey. The questions cover a broad range of topics, including conflict minerals, environmental performance, human rights, and employee and supplier diversity. We administered the inaugural survey in early 2017 to suppliers who represented more than 40 percent of our 2016 direct spend. Each responding supplier received a sustainability score and was segmented based on performance. We are engaging with suppliers who had the lowest sustainability performance based on our scoring to help them advance their sustainability efforts.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our Group's slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 December 2018


WESCO Distribution-International Ltd /s/ Brian M. Begg

Date: March 29, 2019