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Delivering AV Projects Faster and at a Lower Cost

Today’s global AV projects require earlier and deeper project team collaboration. This is why end users and integrators can benefit from a Strategic Point of Distribution model.

Professional AV has seen unprecedented change over the past few years due to many factors, including a global pandemic, supply chain constraints, reduced reliance on technology advancements and, of course, network convergence. The result is that professional AV has been flipped 180 degrees, from delivering low-volume, highly complex proprietary solutions to high-volume, low-complexity, non-proprietary solutions.

This has vast implications for any pro AV project team, including global pro AV integration partners and global pro AV distribution. In this article we will be exploring this, along with some guidelines that pro AV end users can follow to make the best enterprise-wide pro AV procurement and deployment decisions. But as end users adjust their operations, one of the biggest decisions they’ll need to make is who they work with on a local, regional, national, or global scale.

Read the full article online from AV Magazine to learn more.

This article was originally published in January 2024 by AV Magazine. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Phil Langley


Phil Langley, Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise A/V and UCC, Wesco
Phil Langley is the Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise A/V and UCC. Phil’s extensive background in power distribution and substation control set the stage for an early entry in the European Pro A/V industry. For over 20 years, Phil has consistently led in nearly every facet of the ICT space from consultancies to system integrators, manufacturing and distribution across the globe.

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