Addressing Broadband Deployment Challenges Series

Supply Chain Management Solutions for Broadband Deployment

Welcome to the third in a series of articles exploring a variety of broadband deployment challenges. This month we are discussing outsourcing challenges and solutions to help providers overcome them. Check back each month for additional topics of interest.

Understanding Outsourcing in Fiber Deployment Projects

As the demand for reliable high-speed connectivity grows, providers are tasked with rapidly deploying and expanding their fiber networks. But as with any large-scale project, it comes with a wide array of operational challenges.

For that reason, many providers are leveraging the knowledge and experience of outside companies who can provide them expertise in managing complex supply chains. By outsourcing, providers benefit from their in-depth understanding of industry best practices, proven resources, and advanced technologies that will enable them to boost their operational efficiency. Outsourcing all or a portion of a fiber project also allows providers to free up internal resources and focus their time and energy on their core business and strategic goals.

Benefits of Outsourcing Supply Chain Management

Many providers face significant challenges in supply chain management and logistics for large scale fiber rollouts. This can include dealing with the sheer volume of materials needed, coordinating materials to deliver to deployment sites, having access to adequate warehousing space nearby, and having the manpower to ensure deadlines are met.

Effective supply chain management is critical to the successful deployment of a fiber network. From inventory management and order fulfillment to strategic tools to enhance operations, there are several advantages to outsourcing the supply chain management of your fiber rollout and to better position yourself for success.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of outsourcing and how they can significantly improve your overall outcome:

  • Access to expertise and specialization – Immediate availability of proven capabilities and solutions that can often take a company several years to develop in-house
  • Increased working resources – Provide additional capacity, resources, warehouse management systems and technology
  • Flexibility and scalability – Ability to quickly scale up or down depending on project requirements
  • Risk mitigation – Help mitigate project risks by getting strategic visibility, security, and control into all areas of your project to better identify areas of risk and proactively address them
  • Improved ability to meet demand – Access to and expertise in robust tools and advanced technologies to effectively streamline your project and deliver best-in-class resources for warehousing, inventory management and transportation
Fiber cable on truck supply chain

Partnership Approach to Outsourcing your Fiber Project Management

The key to managing a successful fiber deployment project is having a trusted partner who can ensure you have the correct materials at the right time, maximize operational efficiencies, optimize forecasting and reporting with data-driven tools, and provide real-time collaboration and processes that lay the groundwork to ensure your project is a success.

By taking a holistic approach to your fiber deployment, a single-source provider can deliver end-to-end supply chain management expertise and customized solutions to help you accelerate deployment. Some examples include:

  • Collaboration in forecasting, planning and capacity management
  • Procurement, sourcing and supplier consolidation
  • eCommerce and online procurement
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Just-in-time material management for on-site delivery
  • Customized reporting and data management
  • Kitting and custom packaging
  • Project staging for final mile deliveries
  • Asset tracking and governance
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Logistical management and support

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Why Wesco?

Wesco has years of expertise and proven experience with the complexities associated with large scale broadband deployments. We have creative and innovative methods already in place to streamline and accelerate deployment processes.

Wesco’s proven supply chain services allow companies to operate with a higher degree of efficiency, productivity, and continuous improvement. Having an experienced partner like Wesco assume responsibility and accountability for executing the day-to-day project management of large-scale rollouts can keep you from getting side-tracked from the strategic goals and core competencies of your business.

Wesco believes in forging strong business partnerships that involve collaboration and problem-solving to maximize project objectives and facilitate a speedy completion.

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